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Crayon Shin-chan
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Actor Mari Mashiba
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Shiro is a character from the Japanese animated series, Crayon Shin-chan.


Basic Information

Shiro is the Nohara family dog. His name translates to 'white' in English. Not unlike Porkchop from Doug, he's an intelligent pet who often sees the situation before the humans do. One of his talents includes the ability to roll up into a white ball.

Foreign Language Differences


European/South America

In the English dubs from Vitello and Phuuz, Shiro goes by the name Lucky.

North American

In FUNimation's adaptation, Shiro's name is almost literally translated to Whitey. He is probably the least modified character in the show.


In the Spanish version, which adapts itself from the Japanese version, Shiro is similarly named Nevado, which means 'snow-covered.'


Taking after the Spanish version, in the Catalan dub (for Andorra), Shiro is named Nevat, also meaning 'snow-covered'.