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Crayon Shin-chan/Hiroshi Nohara

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Hiroshi Nohara
Crayon Shin-chan
Shin chan character hiroshi.jpg
Actors Keiji Fujiwara
Eric Loomis (English/Lacey)
Chuck Huber (English/FUNi)
First Appearance
Last Appearance Still appearing
Series Billing Billed

Hiroshi Nohara is a character from the Japanese animated series, Crayon Shin-chan.


Basic Information

Hiroshi Nohara, is the father of Shin-chan, the show's main character, and his sister Himawari. He is married to his wife, Misae.

Hiroshi is the image of the typical Japanese working man. In other words, he's the primary source of income, he is bossed around a lot, and frequently stressed. He's a salesman who has 32 years of mortgage payments left on the Nohara family house. Despite marriage, Hiroshi still peeks at other women, and is often beaten by his wife for it. He also enjoys alcoholic beverages.

Foreign Language Differences

No significant changes have been made to Hiroshi's personality in foreign versions. In the 90s English dub of the show from Fuse Entertainment, Hiroshi's name was Harry. In the recent FUNimation dub, his name is shortened to Hiro.