Cool McCool

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Cool McCool
Premiere September 10, 1966
Finale January 15, 1967
Creator Bob Kane
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute animated comedy
Company King Features (A subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation)
Seasons 1
Episodes 20
Origin USA, Great Britain, Australia, Belgium

Cool McCool was an animated comedy that aired on NBC, a cartoon clone of prime time's Get Smart series. It was created by Bob Kane, the creator of Batman and produced by Al Brodax, who had made The Beatles cartoons a year ealier.

Cool was the black-sheep member of a detective agency, Secret Inc., in that he was incredibly clumsy and dense while still considering himself, as his namesake notes, cool. His long-suffering boss goes by the name Number One, whose face we never see. We only see his arm and a cigar protruding from the chair in which he sits. In spite of his shortcomings, Cool still manages to bring in his rogue's gallery of villains such as the Owl, Hurricane Harry, Professor Madcap, the Rattler, and Jack in the Box. McCool's main idiosyncracy is of persistently speaking in spoonerisms. His catchphrase is "Danger is my business," but the phrase he uses most--after accidentally invoking something bad on his boss--is "That will never happen again, Number One." Cool is ejected from the premises at the end of each cartoon, going through a skylight and into the horizon.

Two Cool McCool cartoons were the show's bookends. In the middle was the adventures of Cool's dad, Harry McCool And The Komedy Kops. The McCool senior and his assistants Dick and Tom, bumbled their way through cases during the Keystone Kops era.

Cool McCool ran two seasons on NBC's Saturday morning line-up. It returned in mid-season of 1968-69, replacing Birdman and the Galaxy Trio at 12:30 Eastern. Production of the series was affected in London at TVC; Brussels, Belgium at Belvision Studios; and Sydney, Australia at Artransa.


Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Bob McFadden Cool McCool 1
Harry McCool 1
Chuck McCann Number One 1
Riggs 1
Wheezy 1
The Owl 1
The Rattler 1
Professor Madcap 1
Hurricane Harry 1
Jack In The Box 1
Tom 1
Dick 1
Carol Corbett Friday 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 10, 1966 January 15, 1967 20

DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Cool McCool, The Complete Series March 13, 2007 3