Channel Sharing Arrangement

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A channel sharing arrangement (CSA) is a by-product of the spectrum incentive auction. A station agrees to sell its frequency in the auction and shut down its transmission on its given physical frequency and transmit on the physical frequency of a subchannel of another station ("sharing" the frequency) while retaining their virtual channel (their original analog number) for display purposes. The most noted instance is NBC's New York City flagship WNBC/channel 4, which sold its digital channel 28 in the auction and will shut that channel off when repacking (the realigning of digital channels) begins. WNBC will share transmissions with sister station WNJU/channel 47 (digital 36--to be 35, Linden, N.J. city of license) while keeping its virtual channel 4.

Other examples:

Market Selling station Digital Channel Sharing station Digital Channel Notes
New York City, N.Y. 4 WNBC 28 47 WNJU 36 WNJU to repack to 35
Boston, Mass. 56 WLVI 42 7 WHDH 41 Relocation effected; to repack to 35
Charlotte, N.C. 55 WMYT 39 46 WJZY 47 WJZY to repack to 25
Philadelphia, Pa. 62 WWSI 49 28 WFPA-CD 28 WFPA-CD to repack to 35
Greenville, S.C. 62 WYCW 45 7 WSPA 7 WSPA to repack to 11
49 WRET 47 29 WNTV 9 WNTV to repack to 8
Washington, D.C. 20 WDCA 35 5 WTTG 36
68 WJAL 39 9 WUSA 9 Relocation effected
Los Angeles, Calif. 50 KOCE 48 18 KSCI 18