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Mr. Henry Comstock
Season 1, Episode 9
Airdate November 7, 1959
Writer(s) David Dortort
Director(s) John Brahm
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The Magnificent Adah
BonanzaSeason One

Special Guest Star: Jack Carson (Henry T.P. Comstock)

Guest Stars: Richard Cutting (Old Virginny), Jack Mather (Heck Turner), Bruce Gordon (Chief Winnemucca), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing), Terrence deMarney (Pat O'Riley), John Dierkes (Pat McLaughlin), Charles Wagenheim (Pike), Joanne Sages (Princess Sarah), Abel Fernandez (Lean Knife)


Plot Overview

As the Cartwrights return from moving the herd, they pause to cool off by the lake when suddenly a shot rings out. An old prospector accuses the Cartwrights of being on his land. He bought and paid for it and even has the deed. Although Ben tries to explain that the land is his, when he sees the deed he laughs and shows the boys. The land was sold to the prospector by Henry T.P. Comstock. The prospector doesn't know what's so funny, so the Cartwrights proceed to tell him the story of when they first met Mr. Henry Comstock.