Body Talk

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Body Talk
Premiere Unaired
Host Vicki Lawrence Schultz
Network/Provider ABC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson Productions
Episodes At least 2 pilots
Origin US

Body Talk is a game show that was piloted in 1990 for ABC. It appeared to be a mash-up of Showoffs and Body Language.

The teams here, like on Showoffs, were each comprised of two celebrity team captains and a regular contestant, each team gender specific. In round one, the contestants are the guessers. One celebrity member on each team comes up to center stage and are shown two words or phrases to act out. One member selects a word then acts it out (with help from the other celebrity captain if needed) as a timer starts forward. Once the word is guessed, the other team must get the other word/phrase within the used time. The team that does so scores $100. Four words/phrases are used.

Round two is the "Panic Round." The contestants in turn have 30 seconds to act out up to five words for their celebrity captains to identify. This is worth $200.

Round three is the "Bidding Round," which has progressive scoring. Two captains are shown a word then tells how many seconds it will take for the contestant to guess it. The other captain either challenges or says he/she can best it (knocking off one second from the time). The first word is worth $300, the second $400 and so on until one team has reached $2000 in score.

First to $2000 wins and plays the bonus round. For this, ten members of the studio audience selected in advance are brought up on stage. In 60 seconds, they each act out a word as the team, with each member alternating, trying to guess the word. Each is worth $100 to the contestant and $100 to the audience member acting it out. Getting seven words wins $7000 for the contestant.



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