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Premiere June 30, 1975
Finale December 26, 1975
Host Bobby Van
Network ABC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions
Episodes 133
Origin USA

Showoffs was a game show airing daytime on ABC.

In this show, two teams--each comprised of two celebrities and a civilian--compete to communicate words in pantomime. One team is secluded off stage. One member of the on-stage team is the guesser, the other two the actors who act out up to six words shown to them in sixty seconds. The team scores a point for every correct word. The secluded team comes out and must communicate the same six words in sixty seconds.

The team winning two games is the winner and vies for $10,000 in the bonus game. A chosen celebrity acts out up to ten words in sixty seconds for the guesser who scores a point for each word. The points are now converted to dollars as the celebrity now tries to communicate three words in fifteen seconds. One word guessed correctly multiplies the money by 10, two correct words multiplies it by 100, and three correct words multiplies it by 1,000.

Later, the gameplay had changed to have the teams communicate a specified number of words with the winning team awarded $1000 and a prize package. The bonus round had changed as well. The player and chosen celebrity had ten seconds to communicate two words each worth $1000 a pop. The player could risk anything won on the second word and then go for a third word in 15 seconds for a $5000 payoff.

Larry Blyden was the original choice to host Showoffs, but Bobby Van became a last-minute choice after Blyden was killed in an auto accident. The "clang" heard for every correct word is the same used for revealed answers on Family Feud.

Showoffs would be revived and tweaked for CBS in 1984 under the new title Body Language.

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