Blood Plus

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Premiere October 8, 2005
Finale September 23, 2006
Creator Junichi Fujisaku
Network Animax
Tokyo Broadcasting System
Style 30-minute anime horror
Company Production I.G.
Seasons 4
Episodes 50
Origin Japan
Due to limitations of the wiki, this page is named incorrectly. The actual title should be Blood+.

Blood+ is an anime horror series that continues the story in the animated film Blood: The Last Vampire. The series takes place several decades after the film and finds the main character, Saya Otonashi, as an amnesiac school girl whose peace is disturbed when she discovers that she is the only person alive who can destroy a race of batlike creatures called chiroptera.

In 2006, the series was licensed by Sony Pictures Television International for release in several international markets including North America. Blood+ premiered on March 10, 2007, in the United States on Adult Swim. It received a TV-14 rating for violence.



Japanese Voices English Voices Character Duration
Main Cast
Eri Kitamura Kari Wahlgren Saya Otonashi 1
Akiko Yajima Kamali Minter Riku Miyagusuku 1
Hiroyuki Yoshino Ben Diskin Kai Miyagusuku 1
Houchu Ohtsuka Wally Wingert George Miyagusuku 1
Katsuyuki Konishi Crispin Freeman Haji 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One October 8, 2005 January 7, 2006 13
Season Two January 14, 2006 April 1, 2006 12
Season Three April 8, 2006 July 1, 2006 13
Season Four July 8, 2006 September 23, 2006 12


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Multiple Season Sets: Region 1
Part One
Seasons One and Two
March 4, 2008 6


Part Two
Seasons Three and Four
October 20, 2009 5


Episode Collections - Chronological: Region 1
Volume One March 4, 2008 1


Volume Two June 17, 2008 1


Volume Three October 21, 2008 1


Volume Four January 27, 2009 1