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Big Brother is one of the most recognized and prolific television franchises in the world. The reality show, dubbed "a real life soap opera," is seen in almost seventy countries worldwide, and is a ratings magnet in many of them. The concept of the show, invented by John de Mol involves a group of strangers entering a house where they must work together to build a society for the several weeks that they are in the house. Every week, one housemate is evicted from the house until only one remains to win a cash prize. The name of the show comes from George Orwell's novel, 1984, in which Big Brother is an omniscient entity that knows and sees everything.

Big Brother Deviations

  • The USA version of the show follows a completely different format than all other Big Brother editions starting with its second season. Every week, there is a Head of Household competition. Whoever wins this competition has the sole power in nominating two people for eviction. In season three and on, houseguests also competed in a Veto Competition, where the winner was able to remove a houseguest from eviction. The first season of the USA version followed the conventional Big Brother format.
  • The current German version of the show differs that there is no clear ending. The show will continue to go on until ratings are low enough that the producers have no choice but to cancel it. The German edition has a rotating cast of fifteen housemates at all times, and the Big Brother house has been expanded so that it essentially is an entire village for housemates to roam around in. Even though the German edition of the franchise debuted to high ratings, ratings for the show since have dropped drastically, forcing the show to end roughly a year after it started, which ironically is the same amount of time the season before it lasted. After the season's end, the show will take a "creative break," although there is no doubt as to its quick return since the franchise is still wildly popular in the country.

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