Attack of the Show!

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Attack of the Show
Attack of the Show
Premiere March 28, 2005
Finale January 23, 2013
Host Kevin Rose (2005),
Sarah Lane (2005–2006),
Kevin Pereira (2005-2012),
Olivia Munn (2006-2010),
Candice Bailey (2011-2012)
Network/Provider G4
Style 60-minute talk variety
Company Comcast
Episodes 1,941
Origin USA

Attack of the Show is a variety show that deals heavily with entertainment and technology, aside from the obligatory video game content. Although the series had existed in a previous state, in the form of The Screen Savers, on TechTV, the series first aired in its current form on March 28, 2005 after the Screen Savers changed its name. The format initially was touted as being more oriented with exposing the seedy underbelly of the Internet, but it eventually changed into being closer to how the series originally was, except without many of the technical influences that the Screen Savers was known for, particularly during Leo Laporte's tenure as host.



Attack of the Show is, at its core, a reinvention of The Screen Savers to better suit the G4 target demographic. The series first aired with hosts Kevin Rose and Kevin Pereira, along with Sarah Lane as a minor co-host.

On May 22, 2005, Kevin Rose announced that he was leaving the show after being released from his contract with G4 in order to produce his podcast full time, as well as work with Leo Laporte occasionally. His last episode on the show was on May 27, 2005, leaving the show without a co-host. During this time, a number of special guests did co-hosting duties, including Seanbaby, Tom Fulp from Newgrounds, Chris Gore from FilmThreat, Wil O'Neal from CNET, Jeff Gerstmann of GameSpot and hosts from other G4 shows like X-Play and

An open call for auditions for the permanent co-host position occurred in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. As of writing, a new host has not been selected because the tryout process is still occurring. Finalists in the co-host audition were given one week of airtime to expose themselves to the world. After all of the finalists have had their week, the co-host will be chosen and he will fill the spot left by Kevin Rose. The co-hosts angling for the job included: Anthony Carboni, Nar Williams, Wil O'Neal, Sean Hart and Vanilla Ice. Although Vanilla Ice's appearance was just a joke, he did apparently appear at the auditions. There has not been a formal announcement as to who actually won the competition, but Wil O'Neal made several appearances on the show in the 2006 season.

On April 6, 2006, co-host Sarah Lane and commentator Brendan Moran appeared on their last episode of Attack of the Show. The two decided to leave the show in anticipation of their marriage and 13-month long honeymoon. As of writing, their replacements have apparently been auditioned, but there have been no announcements as to who would join the cast. This is significant because it marks the final original TechTV cast members to leave the show. Sarah was replaced with Olivia Munn on April 10.

After the 2006 E³ conference, the set for Attack of the Show was completely remodelled to fit the kind of dingy style that was used with the "MySpace Girl of the Week" set. With this new set came a ticker that is displayed throughout each episode with short news clips about comics, video games, cars, sports, movies and more. Also added to the show were new correspondants Layla Kayleigh and Zach Selwyn.

On October 26, 2012, G4 announced that the show was cancelled.


The various segments of the show are generally static. Occasionally a segment won't air because of an interview or another special event, but for the most part the airings are set in stone. Every episode includes the Feed, which is a general news segment. The show typically appears with the segments on the following days:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
#1 Sports Junk DVDuesday Fresh Ink
#2 Around the Net It Came From eBay

Following the revamp, many of the segments were scrapped or reimagined to better suit the format of the show and to fill holes left by the departed Sarah Lane and Brendon Moran. The new segments are still in flux, but several older segments like The Feed and DVDuesday have survived the revamp. Other additions seem to act as filler for the holes left by other departed G4 shows (for instance, "The Loop" has a debate style similar to

Older Segments



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