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Claudia Joy Holden
Army Wives
Army Wives-Claudia Joy Holden.jpg
Actor Kim Delaney
First Appearance 1x01 - A Tribe Is Born
Series Billing regular
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Basic Information

Claudia Joy is married to Brigadier General Michael James Holden. He is the post commander at Fort Marshall, near Charleston. They have two daughters Amanda and Emmalin. Amanda will be a freshman at UVA studying political science. Emmalin is in high school and a cheerleader. Claudia Joy is a member of the FRG and is known for helping out others and likes to see justice done.

Character History

Claudia Joy was an Honors student at Harvard Law. One night she had been studying at the library for seven hours straight and left at 3 in the morning. She fell asleep behind the wheel and ran over a fellow student, killing him. She plead no contest to vehicular manslaughter and was given three years probation. Since then she has felt guilty about the accident and been driven to help others in need. After the accident, she met Michael James Holden and left Harvard Law without graduating. They have now been married for 18 years and have two daughters.

Claudia Joy and her family live on post at Fort Marshall. At the beginning of the series, her husband is a colonel and third in command at the post. In episode 1X01, A Tribe is Born, Brigadier General Baker is promoted to post commander. It is revealed that Michael was passed over for the promotion because of false rumors that he is racist. The rumors were started by the general's wife- Lenore Baker. At the party honoring Gen. Baker, Claudia Joy confronts Lenore inciting a feud between the women.

Claudia Joy is known for her tea parties on base. In 1X01, Claudia Joy hosts a tea party at her house inviting Roland Burton and Denise Sherwood. Because it is a fundraiser, enlisted wives are invited as well including Pamela Moran and Roxy LeBlanc. The group bonds when Pamela goes into labor in Claudia Joy's bathroom and then delivers at the Hump Bar. In order to keep Pamela's surrogacy a secret, Claudia Joy keeps the babies at her house until the parents get back to town at the end of episode 1X02, After Birth.

In episode 1X03, The Art of Separation, Claudia Joy's oldest daughter Amanda is arrested at a peace rally, angering Michael.

Memorable Moments

In episode 1X04, One of Our Own, Claudia Joy and Roland Burton are taken hostage by a soldier suffering from PTSD.

In episode 1X05, Independence Day, Claudia Joy gives a moving speech about being an Army wife during the 4th of July celebration.

In episode 1X08, Only the Lonely, Claudia Joy helps a grieving widow to move on with her life.

In episode 1X09, Nobody's Perfect, Claudia Joy reveals to her friends her secret from Harvard Law.


  • She was an Honors student at Harvard Law.
  • Her father is a judge and the reason she attended law school.
  • Because she hated law school, she doubled up on courses in order to graduate faster.
  • She and Michael have been married 18 years.
  • They have two daughters, Amanda and Emmalin.
  • She is a gardner.