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Episode 4112
Season 17, Episode 172
Airdate September 15, 1980
Production Number 4110
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Another WorldSeason Seventeen
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Episode 4112 is the one-hundred seventy-second episode of the seventeenth season of Another World, and the four thousand one-hundred tenth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Charlie calls Tracy and tells her that Russ will be late getting home because he has gone back to Rachel's to help her with an urgent situation. As Rachel holds a gun on Mitch he tells her that he knows she wouldn't fire that gun. Then they struggle and Mitch is shot. A stunned Rachel runs from the stables thinking she has killed Mitch. A man grabs Mitch's wallet and then Mitch struggles to get up and fights with the prowler in the stables. The gun goes off 2 more times, hitting an electric line and a fire begins. A hysterical Rachel tells Mac and Vivien that she shot and killed Mitch Blake. Then Vivien notices that the barn is on fire. A hurt and dazed Mitch leaves the barn as the fire continues to burn. Rachel calls the police to report the shooting and then the fire department. Russ arrives and Mac tells Rachel and Russ that the barn is burning too much. Rachel screams that they have to get Mitch out of there but Mac says they can't. At the Arena, Miranda is amazed that Craig actually works. Craig takes pictures and Felice asks Blaine to have a picture taken with Zachary Colton. Taylor tells Miranda that he doesn't like her talking about Mac and Rachel's marriage breaking up. An ailing Mitch realizes he has been shot but doesn't know what happened or who he is. Kit and Brad come home and see Amy and tell her about the fun ride they had. Then Craig arrives and asks Kit if she is still planning to come with them to the north woods tomorrow. Kit isn't sure she wants to go now but Craig tries to talk her into it and tells her that Cindy Lee is coming too and quitting her job at the Supper Club. Then Brad and Craig talk about his new car as Joey enters hearing Kit say how much she loves being a fast woman. Craig, Amy, and Brad leave and then Joey tells Kit he is willing to compromise if she is but he doesn't like the people who were just with her. Then Joey calmly walks out and Kit calls Craig to tell him she will go with him tomorrow. Then Craig calls Cindy Lee and tells her that if Brad asks about her going along to the north woods she should tell him she decided not to quit her job. Cindy tells Craig she wants to go with him and won't take no for an answer. An upset Craig vows not to let Cindy Lee ruin things for him. Charlie calls Clarice and tells her that there was a fire in the Cory stables and they need her to babysit Nancy. Sally tells Blaine and Jamie that she is going to go to Chicago and finish her nursing program there. Then Zachary Colton gets a call that Rachel Cory claims she shot someone. Zachary remembers overhearing Miranda talking to Taylor about Rachel making a date with Mitch while Mac is upstairs. Zachary stares at Miranda as he leaves the Arena. Mitch tells himself he will be good and not bad as he arrives at the railroad tracks. Vivien takes Amanda up to bed. Then Mac tells Rachel the whole barn just caved in but no one was hurt. Russ tells Rachel the police will be here any minute and they need to know what happened before they arrive. Rachel tells Mac and Russ that Mitch was in the stables and she killed him but Mac thinks Rachel is delirious. Then Zachary arrives and meets the Corys and Russ. Mac tells Zachary that no one was shot and tries to convince Rachel that she just had a bad dream. Mac tells Zachary that no one visited the house tonight but then Zachary learns that a body was found in the stables.



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