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Episode 4111
Season 17, Episode 171
Airdate September 12, 1980
Production Number 4109
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Another WorldSeason Seventeen
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Episode 4111 is the one-hundred seventy-first episode of the seventeenth season of Another World, and the four thousand one-hundred ninth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Rachel tells Mitch she wants to see him privately as soon as possible in the stables. Miranda overhears Rachel making plans to meet Mitch at the stables. Then Miranda enters the room and questions her about the phone call from "the feed store." Miranda invites Rachel to the Arena but then apologizes saying she is sure she wouldn't want to be around Blaine since she is her former daughter-in-law. Rachel tells Miranda she doesn't care what Blaine does. Then Miranda leaves. Larry and Zachary Colton discuss Blaine working for Jordan, Zachary running for DA in November, and Carrie's death being ruled an accidental overdose and both find it suspicious. Larry thinks Jordan is behind it. Russ tells Rachel about Mitch's visit to Tracy and Rachel tells Russ she will handle Mitch because he is on his way over. Russ wants to stay but Rachel tells him she has to see Mitch alone. Miranda invites Amy to the Arena but she declines because she won't go and see Blaine without Jerry. At the Arena, Larry tells Blaine that he thinks Carrie was murdered and is afraid Blaine will be next. Blaine says she will be fine. When Vivien leaves, Rachel and Mac talk about how happy they are and Mac promises Rachel they will be together forever. Ada tells Russ and Charlie about Mitch's visit and Russ tells them that Rachel is planning to see Mitch. Ada wants to go over to Rachel's but instead Russ calls and gets the number to the motel Mitch lives at. Russ tries to call but learn he has gone out for the night so they don't know if Mitch is on his way to Rachel's or the Supper Club. Ada tells them she is scared. Larry tells Clarice that he can't get through to Blaine but he and the new Acting DA, Zachary Colton, are sure Jordan is behind Carrie's death. Then Larry tells her he doesn't like Zachary Colton because he seems to only be interested in making a name for himself. Zachary Colton arrives at the Arena and is greeted by Blaine. Next, Miranda and Taylor arrive. Miranda tells Taylor that Mac is doing well. Zachary questions Blaine about her marriage to Jamie Frame and about Mac and Rachel. Zachary overhears as Miranda tells Taylor that Rachel was making a date with Mitch for tonight while Mac is recovering upstairs but Taylor doesn't want to hear it. Then Miranda tells him that Kit is with Brad in his new sports car tonight. A man arrives at the stables. Rachel tells Vivien she is going to round up the horses and Vivien wants to go too because of the prowler around. Vivien then tells Rachel either she takes the gun or she will go with her so Rachel reluctantly takes the gun. Rachel arrives at the stables followed by Mitch. Mitch tells Rachel he can give her all the money and stuff she wants and they can raise the baby together. Rachel tells Mitch she loves Mac, not his money. Mitch tells Rachel he is gonna tell Mac it's his baby and that he loves Rachel. Then Mitch tries to kiss Rachel and she slaps him. Rachel pulls a gun on Mitch and tells him she will shoot if he goes for the door. Then they struggle and Mitch is shot. A stunned Rachel runs from the stables thinking she has killed Mitch. A man grabs Mitch's wallet and then Mitch struggles to get up and fights with the prowler in the stables. The gun goes off 2 more times, hitting an electric line and a fire begins.



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