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Season One
Another Period
Season Premiere June 15, 2016
Season Finale August 24, 2016
Episode Count 11

Season One


Season Three

Season Two of Another Period premiered on June 15, 2016. All episodes were directed by Jeremy Konner.


# # Title Written By Airdate
11 1 Tubman Jen Statsky June 15, 2016 434k 0.21%
Lillian and Beatrice meet Harriet Tubman, who gives them advice on how to become famous. Peepers hires a new servant. Chair gives birth to baby Kermit.
12 2 Annulment Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome
June 22, 2016 385k 0.21%
Lillian and Beatrice's marriages become annulled. Lillian and Victor have a dispute over their prized Butternut Room. Beatrice helps Albert get past his hatchetphobia. Garfield doesn't get along well with a new servant.
13 3 The Prince and the Pauper Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome
June 29, 2016 428k 0.24%
The Commodore invites a prince to Bellacourt Manor, which creates a romantic rivalry between Lillian and Beatrice. Peepers clashes with the prince's servant over proper butler techniques. Hamish's cellmate attempts to teach him how to read.
14 4 Trial of the Century Moshe Kasher July 6, 2016 386k 0.21%
Hamish goes on trial for the murder of Scoops LaPue. Lillian tries to use the trial to gain publicity for herself. Peepers enjoys one last day of freedom before attempting to confess to the crime.
15 5 Roosevelt Jeremy Konner July 13, 2016 393k 0.23%
The Commodore invites the Roosevelts to Bellacourt Manor and tries to convince Teddy to pick Frederick as his vice president. Lillian sets her sights on FDR. Beatrice makes a connection with Eleanor. Peepers contends with a servants' strike.
16 6 Servants' Disease Krister Johnson July 20, 2016 428k 0.21%
A contagious disease spreads downstairs and Lillian ends up quarantined with the sick servants. Beatrice and Frederick go on a double date. Victor and Albert get into a quarrel over their barbershop quartet.
17 7 Harvard Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome
July 27, 2016 403k 0.19%
Albert Einstein visits Bellacourt Manor and Beatrice helps him solve a complex equation. Lillian attempts to get a condom so she can have sex for pleasure. Peepers tracks down Blanche's boyfriend from the asylum.
18 8 Joplin Moshe Kasher August 3, 2016 384k 0.18%
Lillian and Beatrice try to write a hit song with help from a Kanye-esque songwriter named Joplin. Peepers struggles with newly-discovered carnal desires.
19 9 Lillian's Wedding Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome
August 10, 2016 360k 0.2%
Lillian plans to marry an extremely old and wealthy man named Laverne. Hortense and Laverne's handsome grandson, Bertram, flirt. Incriminating photos threaten Frederick's position as vice president.
20 10 The Duel Jeremy Konner August 17, 2016 365k 0.2%
Dodo returns to Bellacourt after being served with divorce papers to settle her assets and challenges Chair to a duel. After Laverne's death, Lillian drinks away her sorrows, much to a newly-baptized Beatrice's dismay.
21 11 Lillian Is Dead Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome &
Jeremy Konner
August 24, 2016 445k 0.24%
Hortense and Bertram's happiness turns out to be short-lived, as does Commodore and Chair's. Beatrice turns to religion when her bar fight with Lillian has deadly consequences. Blanche gives birth downstairs.

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