Another Period/Season One

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Season One
Another Period
Season Premiere June 23, 2015
Season Finale August 25, 2015
Episode Count 10



Season Two

Season One of Another Period premiered on June 23, 2015. All episodes were directed by Jeremy Konner.


# # Title Written By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome
June 23, 2015 615k 0.33%
A new servant arrives at Bellacourt Manor, the death of the Claudette sisters opens space in the Newport 400, and the Bellacourts get a visit from Helen Keller.
2 2 Divorce Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome
June 30, 2015 704k 0.39%
When Pussy Van Anderstein pays a visit, Frederick and Garfield both fall victim to her powerful charms. Lillian learns that divorce is in vogue and concocts a scheme to procure one for herself.
3 3 Funeral Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome
July 7, 2015 411k 0.21%
Lillian and Beatrice host a fake funeral. Peepers finds out about his father's passing, forcing him to confront his Native American roots.
4 4 Pageant Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome
July 14, 2015 289k 0.16%
Lillian and Beatrice get ready for Newport's Most Beautiful Pageant. Hortense assembles a team of saboteurs. Peepers instructs Chair.
5 5 Senate Guy Branum July 21, 2015 611k 0.34%
The Commodore shows up with a new handsome chef in tow. Frederick undergoes a psychological evaluation.
6 6 Lillian's Birthday Jeremy Konner July 28, 2015 435k 0.22%
Bellacourt Manor's residents brace themselves for Lillian's annual birthday meltdown. A surprise visit from Charles Ponzi brings a new business opportunity. Hortense believes she's expecting. Peepers gets sick
7 7 Switcheroo Day Moshe Kasher August 4, 2015 507k 0.25%
Lillian arranges her own kidnapping. Dodo orders Peepers to impersonate the Commodore and accompany her to a luncheon. Beatrice mistakes Blanche for a fellow aristocrat.
8 8 Dog Dinner Party Laura Krafft August 11, 2015 421k 0.24%
Beatrice copes with Fredrick's engagement by reverting to babyhood. Lillian tries to impress his fiancee. Celery Savoy. Dodo struggles with morphine addiction. Chair manipulates Garfield into breaking the rules.
9 9 Reject's Beach Moshe Kasher August 18, 2015 358k 0.19%
Lillian's new friends invite her to a beach party. Beatrice is brought to Thomas Edison for a forbidden experiment. Blanche receives a mysterious letter from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Garfield tries to keep the family from falling apart.
10 10 Modern Pigs Natasha Leggero &
Riki Lindhome
August 25, 2015 548k 0.31%
Lillian and Beatrice race across Newport to try and stop Fredrick's wedding. Peepers must save the Bellacourts from destruction after he realizes Chair's true intentions.

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