Angelic Layer

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Angelic Layer
Angelic layer.png
Premiere April 1, 2001
Finale September 23, 2001
Creator CLAMP
Network TV Tokyo
Style 30-minute science fiction anime
Company BONES
Seasons 1
Episodes 26
Origin Japan

Angelic Layer is an action anime program based on a manga published by Kadokawa Shoten starting in 1999. While most works by CLAMP are in the shōjo (girl's) genre, Angelic Layer is actually a shōnen (boy's) story in the vein of competition-based series like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon.

The series follows the adventures of a young girl named Misaki Suzuhara, who has just moved to Tokyo to attend junior high school. On her arrival, she becomes interested in Angelic Layer, a game where mechanical dolls controlled by the will of their owner do battle in popular tournaments. Misaki moves her way up through the ranks, spurred on by her school friends and an eccentric man named Icchan, who unbeknownst to Misaki is the creator of the Angelic Layer system. Along the way Misaki earns the respect of her competitors and learns the truth about her family's connection to Angelic Layer.



Japanese Voices English Voices Character Duration
Main Cast
Atsuko Enomoto Jessica Boone Misaki Suzuhara 1
Masaya Onosaka Andy McAvin Ichiro Mihara 1
Yuri Shiratori Sasha Paysinger Hatoko Kobayashi 1
Jun Fukuyama Kevin Corn Kotaro Kobayashi 1
Satsuki Yukino Monica Rial Tamayo Kizaki 1
Kotono Mitsuishi Kelly Manison Shoko Asami 1
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Souichiro Hoshi Chris Patton Ohjiro Mihara 1
Kana Ueda Mariela Ortiz Ringo Seto 1
Ayako Kawasumi Tiffany Terrell Kaede Saito 1
Houko Kuwashima Tiffany Grant Sai Jonochi 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One April 1, 2001 September 23, 2001 26


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Episode Collections : Region 1
Volume 1: Divine Inspiration October 14, 2003 1

Volume 2: On a Wing and a Player November 25, 2003 1

Volume 3: Idol Worship January 6, 2004 1

Volume 4: Faith, Hope & Love February 17, 2004 1

Volume 5: Deus ex Machina March 30, 2004 1

Volume 6: Inherit the Layer May 11, 2004 1

Volume 7: Seventh Heaven June 22, 2004 1