Andy Richter Controls the Universe/We're All The Same, Only Different

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We're All The Same, Only Different
Season 2, Episode 1
Airdate December 1, 2002
Production Number 011
Written by Victor Fresco
Directed by Andy Ackerman
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Andy Richter Controls the UniverseSeason Two

We're All The Same, Only Different is the first episode of the second season of Andy Richter Controls the Universe.

Starring: Andy Richter (Andy Richter), Paget Brewster (Jessica Green), Irene Molloy (Wendy McCay), Jonathan Slavin (Byron Togler), James Patrick Stuart (Keith Richards)

Guest Starring: Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. (Ted Swathmore), Dawnn Lewis (Jackie), Patricia Belcher (Ms. Machado)

Co-Starring: Mark Chaet (Mr. Stevens), Tom Finnegan (Mr. O'Neil), Stefan Marks (Dwayne), Nikki-Tyler Flynn (Lori)


Plot Overview

Troubled by the lack of diversity at Pickering Industries, management offers a cash reward for the employee who can find the most qualified minority technical writer for a new position. Andy and Wendy both find candidates, and Wendy promises the money to her grandmother. In the end, though, Andy's candidate, Ted (Miguel A. Núñez Jr.), gets the job. Andy's proud to have helped an African American get the success he clearly deserved.

Wendy, meanwhile, needs a new way to get the money she promised to her grandmother, so she agrees to participate in a pharmaceutical experiment, which gives her a deep, booming voice. Keith finds it creepy, but Wendy enjoys the respect it commands.

In Ted's office, Andy makes an offhand comment about Irish people, only to discover that Ted is Irish. Ted complains, and Andy gets sent to sensitivity training, where he learns to be blind to the things that make races and cultures different. Having learned his lesson, Ted forgives Andy and introduces him to his sister Jackie (Dawnn Lewis), and she and Andy immediately hit it off. As their relationship blossoms, Andy's ability to ignore cultural differences is at odds with Jackie's pride in her Irish heritage. How can you simultaneously celebrate and ignore a person's differences?


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