Andy Richter Controls the Universe/Pilot

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Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate March 19, 2002
Production Number 001
Written by Victor Fresco
Directed by Andy Ackerman

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Andy Richter Controls the UniverseSeason One

Pilot is the first episode of the first season of Andy Richter Controls the Universe. A new guy starts at Pickering in the same office as Andy, who Andy tries to get fired.

Starring: Andy Richter (Andy Richter), Paget Brewster (Jessica Green), Irene Molloy (Wendy McCay), Jonathan Slavin (Byron Togler), James Patrick Stuart (Keith Richards)

Guest Starring: Rick Hoffman (Arnich)

Co-Starring: John Bliss (Mr. Pickering), Jonathan Tipton Meyers (Co-Worker), Jordan Anita Moseley (Little Girl)


Plot Overview

Andy Richter comes in to work one morning to two surprises: his best friend Keith slept with Wendy, the new secretary Andy has a crush on but has never built up the nerve to talk to, and Andy's small office is now also host to a new employee, technical artist Byron.

Outraged at his now cramped surroundings, Andy first tries pleading his case to his boss and friend, Jessica. She blames the situation on Arnich, another manager, but is unable to move Byron to another office. Andy then decides to sabotage one of Byron's diagrams, knowing that when Arnich checks the work, Byron will be fired, and Andy will have his office back. However, Arnich misses the mistake, and Andy's sabotage threatens to ruin a project.

Meanwhile, Wendy approaches Andy about her fling with Keith. She's worried about the fact that he hasn't called. Andy assures her that Keith is a good guy, and Wendy suggest that Andy should be more assertive and talk to her.

In an attempt to get Andy to accept his circumstances, Jessica brings Byron to a gathering of Andy's friends. Resistant at first, Andy eventually warms up to Byron. With no other choice, Andy confesses his crime, but Jessica cleverly ensures that Andy won't be fired by promising not to reveal that Arnich missed the obvious mistake.


Arc Advancement


  • Byron starts working at Pickering, in the same office as Andy.


  • Andy finds out that Keith slept with Wendy, the secretary Andy likes.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • The establishing shot of the Pickering Industries building is identical to the Duke & Duke building from Trading Places.

Allusions and References

  • Power Rangers: Andy imagines him and his friends as superheroes, which is shown as a shot of the Power Rangers with Andy and his friends' heads superimposed on the Power Rangers' bodies.

Memorable Moments