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AMC (2019).png
Founded October 1, 1984
President Ed Carroll
Company AMC Networks
Notable Series Mad Men
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead

AMC is an American cable television channel that primarily airs movies, alongside a handful of high profile drama series.



The network was once known as "American Movie Classics" and was initially established as a premium television channel, like HBO or Showtime, that aired classic movies uncut and without commercial interruption. It was made available on basic cable in 1987, but continued with the format until October 2002, when it became a more generalized movie channel. At this point, the network revised its stance on advertising and began inserting commercial breaks into movies aired on the network.

In 1996, the network produced its first original series, Remembering WENN, a dramedy about a fictional Pittsburgh radio station set in the 1940s. The series was well received by critics and was the foundation for future original series like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Some have argued that the network is positioning itself as basic cable's answer to HBO by producing high quality, award-winning original programs.


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