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For the TV series, see Peter Benchley's Amazon.

Founded 1994
President Jeff Bezos
Company Inc.
Notable Series Transparent
Mozart in the Jungle
The Man in the High Castle

Amazon is an US-based, global, online retailer, based in Seattle, Washington. Originally started as a bookstore, the company has since also come to selling – among other things – DVDs, CDs, software, video games, electronics, and toys, as well as providing online downloads and streaming.



In 2010, Amazon established ’’Amazon Studios’’, a division meant to develop, comics, movies, and television series, sold through online downloads/streaming on website

On April 19, 2013, the first 14 Amazon pilots were made available for streaming; eight live action comedies, two animated comedies, and six children's shows. One month later, based on the public reception, six of the shows were picked up for a series order: live action comedies Alpha House, starring John Goodman, and Betas, starring Jon Daly, and animated children's shows Annedroids, Creative Galaxy and Tumbleaf.

Pilot Seasons

Titles in bold were picked up to series.

First Pilot Season

Second Pilot Season

Third Pilot Season

Fourth Pilot Season

Fifth Pilot Season

Sixth Pilot Season

Seventh Pilot Season

Eighth Pilot Season

Ninth Pilot Season

Tenth Pilot Season

Eleventh Pilot Season


  • Program Listing: A complete listing of shows that aired new episodes on Amazon.

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