Adventures of the Gummi Bears

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Adventures of the Gummi Bears
Adventures of the Gummi Bears-title.jpg
Premiere September 14, 1985
Finale February 22, 1991
Creator Jymn Magon &
Art Vitello
Network/Provider NBC (seasons 1-4)
ABC (season 5)
syndication (season 6) (The Disney Afternoon)
Style 30-minute animated fantasy 
Company Walt Disney Television Animation
Seasons 6
Episodes 65
Origin USA

Adventures of the Gummi Bears is an animated fantasy series that aired on NBC for four season, on ABC for one season, and in first-run syndication for one season. Alongside Wuzzles, it was the first show produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.



The series focuses on the escapades of the eponymous "Gummi Bears", anthropomorphic bears who are the last remnants of a once-great civilization of Gummis that fled the land centuries ago when humans, jealous of the advancements and magical skills of the Gummi Bears, forced the species into exile. Now regarded by most of humankind as fairytales, the show's main cast of Gummi Bears (six in number at the outset of the series, with additional ones added throughout the series) live in the vast subterranean warren of Gummi Glen in the medieval kingdom of Dunwyn, thus suggesting that the show takes place somewhere in Europe, most likely England.

The Gummis' modern adventures begin when they are discovered by a human boy named Cavin who happens to have a Gummi Medallion, found by his grandfather many years earlier. After he accidentally enters the colony's underground home of Gummi Glen, they capture and interrogate the boy as to how he gained the medallion. During the questioning, Cavin escapes after Tummi inadvertently gives him Gummiberry Juice to drink, but refuses to cause any harm and attempts to befriend the reclusive bears. Impressed by this civilized behavior, they make him swear to keep their confidence and make him a privileged friend of the colony. The medallion magically unlocks the colony's Great Book of Gummi, an essential reference guide to the forgotten knowledge of the Gummi Bears. Inspired by its writings, the colony resolves to rediscover their heritage and help defend Dunwyn against evil. Later, another human from Dunwyn accidentally learns that the Gummi Bears are real: the young daughter of the king, Princess Calla. She also promises to keep the Gummis' existence a secret. In subsequent seasons the Gummis would befriend or be discovered by other friendly humans.

The main antagonist of both Dunwyn and the Gummis is Duke Sigmund Igthorn, a renegade noble with an army of ogres, from the neighboring province of Drekmore. Unfortunately, in stopping Igthorn's attempt to bombard his enemies with a grand catapult, the Gummi Bears alert him to their presence. Igthorn will stop at nothing to discover and exploit their secrets to become invincible and capture Dunwyn Castle. Chief among his primary goals is gaining a reliable supply of the Gummi Bears' vital strategic substance, Gummiberry Juice, a magic potion that endows Gummi Bears with bouncing abilities, but gifts humans or ogres with momentary super-strength as well as other numerous uses, including serving as fuel for machines.

In addition to combating Igthorn's ambition, the Gummis regularly encounter other evil humans and magical beings ranging from wizards to gods, all the while attempting to hide their existence from the world at large. One of the show's main recurring storylines outside the schemes of Igthorn is the mystery of the ancient Gummis, who are now scattered all across the world, but who have left advanced technology behind them.


Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3 4 5 6
Corey Burton Gruffi Gummi * * * * *
Toadie o o o o o
Clutch the Troll o o o o o
Jim Cummings Zummi Gummi *
Additional voices o o o
June Foray Grammi Gummi * * * * * *
Katie Leigh Sunni Gummi * * * * * *
Lorenzo Music Tummi Gummi * * * * * *
Noelle North Cubbi Gummi * * * * * *
Princess Calla o o o o o o
Bill Scott Gruffi Gummi *
Toadie o
Sir Tuxford o
Paul Winchell Zummi Gummi * * * * *
Orange/Red/o indicates a recurring or guest role during that season.
Dark Green indicates top billing during that season.
Supporting/Recurring Cast 1 2 3 4 5 6
Will Ryan Gad * * * * * *
Zook * * * * * *
Unwin * * *
King Carpy * *
Michael Rye Duke Sigmund Igthorn * * * * * *
King Gregor * * * * * *
Sir Gawain * *
Sir Victor Igthorn * *
Christian Jacobs Cavin *
Rob Paulsen Gusto Gummi * * * * *
Roger C. Carmel Sir Tuxford *
Brett Johnson Cavin *
Brian Cummings Sir Tuxford * * * *
Artie Deco * * * *
Frank Welker Additional voices * * *
Tress MacNeille Additional voices *
Lady Bane * *
Chuck McCann Additional voices * *
Peter Cullen Additional voices *
Gritty Gummi * *
Jason Marsden Cavin * * *
Andre Stojka Additional voices * *
Hamilton Camp King Jean-Claude * *
Townsend Coleman Additional voices * *
Walker Edmiston Sir Thornberry Gummi * *
Dana Hill Buddy Gummi * *
Pat Musick Ursa Gummi * *
Kath Soucie Princess Marie * *
R.J. Williams Cavin *
1 2 3 4 5 6


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 14, 1985 December 21, 1985 13
Season Two September 13, 1986 December 6, 1986 8
Season Three September 12, 1987 December 19, 1987 8
Season Four September 10, 1988 December 17, 1988 10
Season Five September 9, 1989 January 6, 1990 8
Season Six September 10, 1990 February 22, 1991 18


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