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Season Two
800 Words
Season Premiere August 23, 2016
Season Finale March 21, 2017
Episode Count 16

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Season Two of 800 Words premiered on August 23, 2016.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers
9 1 Bonfire Night Tim Balme &
James Griffin
Mike Smith August 23, 2016 877k
George and Arlo implement a cunning plan to bring Shay back from Sydney. George and Jan's new relationship lurches towards the rocks. And the Weld locals brace themselves for the carnage of Guy Fawkes Night.
10 2 Give Up, It's Over! Tim Balme Mike Smith August 30, 2016 742k
The whole of Weld comes out to farewell Jan, and George almost destroys his friendship with Woody over a rather large invoice and a lawn that needs mowing.
11 3 My Heart Will Go On Maxine Fleming Michael Hurst September 6, 2016 793k
George lands a scoop on the first day of his new job at the newspaper, but why is he under orders not to write about an eight year old mystery that's gripping Weld?
12 4 A Place in a Sun Kate McDermott Michael Hurst September 13, 2016 618k
George's house is bursting with teenagers and he gets another chance to buy his dream house in Weld after all. But is it serendipity or just a bad idea?
13 5 Globo Loco Sarah-Kate Lynch &
James Griffin
Murray Keane September 20, 2016 592k
George's first date with Katie is the only news in Weld, while Constable Tom and Big Mac clash over the invasion of the freedom campers.
14 6 Crash and Burn James Griffin Murray Keane September 27, 2016 695k
After a jet-ski injures a local, George is appalled that you don't need a license to drive a jet-ski in New Zealand and wants them all banned. He discovers Twitter and opens fire on jet-skiers.
15 7 This Is Me James Griffin Mike Smith October 4, 2016 800k
Laura's one year anniversary approaches. George and the family prepare to leave for Sydney.
16 8 It's Not Just Cricket Kate McDermott Mike Smith October 4, 2016 728k
George is recruited into the Weld cricket team in a high stakes match and fears a character flaw may reveal itself. Shay gets the blame for Ike staying in Weld and Arlo gets serious with Emma.
17 9 Love and Marriage Kate McDermott Michael Hurst January 31, 2017 797k
George and Fiona's dalliance is headline news in Weld, while Robbie goes on the offensive to save Fiona, all culminating with a rumble in the main street.
18 10 The Dinner Party Michael Beran &
James Griffin
Michael Hurst February 7, 2017 737k
George and Fiona put the heat on their new relationship with a dinner party. However, if they're to survive as a couple, there are many dramas to overcome both in and out of the kitchen.
19 11 Pretty Woman Sarah-Kate Lynch &
Kate McDermott
Caroline Bell-Booth February 14, 2017 647k
George sees red when Arlo secretly switches school subjects. Fiona struggles in her new parenting role. Woody comes up with a novel way to relieve Tracey's stress.
20 12 Arlo Fools Around Tim Balme Caroline Bell-Booth February 21, 2017 718k
George and Fiona's escape to the city for a romantic weekend away from the kids is a disaster. Arlo almost burns down the house and Jan has huge news.
21 13 My Day Won't Let Me Go James Griffin Michael Hurst February 28, 2017 639k
Jan's pregnancy sparks a crisis between George and Fiona. Katie unwillingly gets Shay involved in an art scam. Arlo struggles with a long distance relationship.
22 14 Moving On Up Sarah-Kate Lynch Michael Hurst March 7, 2017 594k
George struggles against the Terry-mania sweeping Weld. The town prepares to open its first fine dining restaurant, but not everyone's invited. Shay's art adventure has a public hanging.
23 15 Second Thoughts Michael Beran &
James Griffin
Mike Smith March 14, 2017 591k
George fears that Weld is losing its innocence. Brother Terry goes all out to prove his love for Hannah, and there's a surprise visit from a very pregnant Jan.
24 16 I'll Never Let You Go James Griffin Mike Smith March 21, 2017 681k
The fallout from George's savage article is immediate. Terry's true colours are revealed much to Hannah's horror, and a triple tragedy strikes Weld.

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