800 Words/Season One

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Season One
800 Words
Season Premiere September 15, 2015
Season Finale November 3, 2015
Episode Count 8



Season Two

Season One of 800 Words premiered on September 15, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers
1 1 A New Life James Griffin Pino Amenta September 15, 2015 1.219M
George Turner's plan to kick-start his family back into life by shifting them all across the Tasman to the town of Weld, New Zealand, does not get off to an ideal start.
2 2 Ghost Town Maxine Fleming &
James Griffin
Pino Amenta September 22, 2015 1.192M
It is fight or flee time for the Turner family as faulty plumbing and poorly chosen words sees the town of Weld rise up against their new Australian imports.
3 3 Familiar Feeling James Griffin Mike Smith September 29, 2015 1.17M
When George goes on the offensive, tracking down the source of a scurrilous rumour about him, what he learns changes everything between him and the women of Weld.
4 4 A Fine Romance Maxine Fleming &
James Griffin
Mike Smith October 6, 2015 1.055M
As he gets to grips with his status as the new ladies' man about town George is dragged into a celebration (or not) of Weld's x-rated history.
5 5 A Big Disagreement Tim Balme Mike Smith October 13, 2015 1.082M
When the earth moves under George's feet, the opportunity for him to slay a demon from his past presents itself - and leads to the issuing of a very rash challenge.
6 6 The Case of the Missing Statue Natalie Medlock &
James Griffin
Mike Smith October 20, 2015 1.019M
George throws himself into solving the mystery of Sir Frederick Weld's missing head - when he should be solving a whole other mystery, one much closer to home.
7 7 George Owns Up Maxine Fleming &
James Griffin
Pino Amenta October 27, 2015 1.027M
George struggles with the realisation that while he was looking the other way this whole other world was going on - a world he is so not qualified to deal with.
8 8 A Lady in Town James Griffin Pino Amenta November 3, 2015 1.151M
George tries to convince Shay to stay in Weld. The Women of Weld question the motive behind Jan's arrival. Katie organises a camp-in to protest against the proposed development.

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