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Wilson West
7th Heaven
Actor Andrew Keegan
First Appearance 1x21 - Dangerous Liaisons (1)
Last Appearance 9x06 - Fathers
Series Billing Guest Star
Episode Count 24
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Basic Information

Wilson West was Mary Camden's on-again off-again boyfriend throughout much of the series. He first appeared at the end of Season 1 and was last seen in Season 9. He was Mary's first serious boyfriend.

Character History

Wilson was first introduced in Dangerous Liaisons as a boy Mary met at the park. They spent a while talking while a young Ruthie and what Mary presumed to be Wilson's brother played in the sand. He asked for her phone number and then called her later.

Their first date was at Eddy's Pool Hall on The Promenade. Wilson picked Mary up at the house, only to have Eric say that he was not comfortable with Mary going on with a boy that he didn't know. Wilson corrected him, saying Wilson's father was Reverend Camden's ophthalmologist, Dr. Jeffrey West. At the pool hall, the date didn't end too well. Wilson and Mary were interrupted by Michael Towner, a boy from school who had been "hassling" Mary. Mary "jumped in like Rambo" and didn't let Wilson stand up for himself when Michael started teasing him. Wilson brought Mary home and it appeared like they would not go out again. However, Wilson showed up at church the next morning with Billy. Mary was happy that he came and before they went inside, Wilson revealed what would be the key to his character: Billy was not his brother, he was his son.

Wilson tells the story of Billy to Eric a few days later. He says that he was fifteen with a sixteen year old girlfriend with a car, and that that made him feel cool, "cool enough to have" sex. Then, he ended up with a "pregnant sixteen year old girlfriend with a car". He did the right thing by getting their parents to sign for them to get married, but it didn't pan out as he hoped. Billy's mother, who was never named in the entire length of the series, died during childbirth. Wilson was a seventeen year old widow with a baby.

Annie and Eric agreed to let Mary and Wilson see each other on a trial basis at the end of Season 1, and by Season 2 things are going along full force up until their break up in the episode "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do". The episode opens after the first commercial break to Mary and Wilson kissing inthe living room. This leads to their demise, as Wilson is not comfortable being that close to Mary because he's afraid they would take their relationship farther than kissing. He dumps her and Mary appears devastated.

Wilson is mentioned throughout Season 2 until he returns in "Nothing Endures But Change" asking Mary to babysit and to comfort Lucy with the death of a friend. Then he says that he realized that he wasn't afraid of having sex with Mary, that he was afraid he'd get close to her and she would die.

At the end of Season 2, Wilson goes away to school. He is mentioned in early Season 3 as some reasons for Mary's actions. He comes back, yet again, after the twins are born and tells Mary he wants to move back and be with her. She pushes him away.

Wilson is not seen again until Season 5 when Mary spots him across the tracks at a train station in Buffalo in "Apologize". At the time, Mary was dating Robbe, but agrees to have dinner with Wilson anyway. This leads to Mary seeing him more and the inevitable break up of Mary and Robbie. At the end of Season 5 in the episode entitled "...Are", Wilson asks Mary to come back to New York with him.

Season 6 the audience finds out that Mary took Wilson up on his offer and went back to Buffalo. Their relationship is more serious now, presumably due to them getting older and more mature. Wilson has his own apartment that he shares with his son. Mary and Wilson talk marriage and, after a small fight with Mary, Wilson proposes.

Mary does not answer his proposal right away; it takes her two weeks. Two weeks after, Wilson was supposed to go out to dinner with Mary but he cancels due to work. He surprises Mary later with pizza, only to walk in on her kissing another man, Ben Kinkirk, the fireman, brother to Kevin Kinkirk.

Wilson is deeply hurt. Eventually, he goes to see Mary, only to find Ben there again. Mary seeks him out, tries to get him to elope, and he agrees. Wilson tells Billy that he is staying behind and Billy questions why he is "running away". Wilson says that he is eloping, "which is a lot like running away." He meets Mary at the train station like planned for their elopement only to tell Mary that eloping feels wrong. Mary and Wilson do not marry. She goes back home and the whole family questions whether they did or didn't. Eric even calls Wilson to find out what happened with the two of them, as did the rest of the Camdens and Robbie, only to find out nothing. Wilson wouldn't really spill, but gave Eric the impression that they had, indeed, broken up. Mary spends a decent part of the season reeling from their break up.

Wilson reappears in the Season 6 Valentine's Day episode at, once again, the pool hall. There, Mary finds him with Corey, one of her high school basketball teammates. Wilson says that he lost his job, came back to Glen Oak, and met Corey on the flight back. She was also a teen parent, so their bonded over similar situations.

Wilson returns back in Season 9 in the episode "Fathers". Eric calls upon him to help a boy he met who had just become a teen dad. Wilson gives him some fatherly advice, as well as an update on his character. According to Wilson himself, he married Corey Conway, they live in her mother's house, and they are hoping to adopt.

The last scene he was in was with Ben. He meets him after three years and does not seem to harbor any bad feelings, unlike Ben. Wilson slinks away gracefully into the night, never to be seen again.

Memorable Moments


  • Wilson drove a blue Volvo that he bought with money earned from part-time jobs.
  • He was a lifeguard and also taught children's swimming classes at the YMCA.
  • When Wilson went to college, he and Billy moved in with his cousin.
  • The name of Billy, Wilson's son, is short for Wilson Jr.