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Saunders Cell
Cell Leader Stephen Saunders
averted / succeeded
Steal 12 bio-agent dispersion devices
Breed more samples of the virus
Release the virus in a hotel
Deliver other canisters of the virus to various places in the United States
Attack MI6 and destroy their files on Saunders
Blackmail President Palmer into acceding to Saunders demands.
Cell Kills 850+
Estimated Size 30
Known Cell Members Stephen Saunders
Michael Amadour
Marcus Alvers
Cell Status Stephen Saunders (killed)
Michael Amadour(executed)
Marcus Alvers (killed)

The Saunders Cell was a cell set up by Stephen Saunders to take revenge on the United States and Jack Bauer for capture and torture after Operation Nightfall.


The primary objective of Saunder's cell was to use the threat of releasing the virus into blackmailing Palmer into giving in to Saunder's demands.

The first objective of the Saunders Cell was to steal 12 bio-agent dispersion devices from Russia. This was completed before the day began.

The second objective breed more copies of the virus.

One sample was taken to a Los Angeles hotel by Marcus Alvers - an environment to be contained. The other samples were sent to various locations across the country.

Saunders also took the opportunity to attack the Los Angeles branch of the British Intelligence unit MI6 and destroy their files on him.


Saunders had Alvers breed enough copies of the virus's powdered form to fill 12 small vials, which were placed into the dispersion devices. He ordered Michael Amador to deliver one of the dispersion devices to the Chandler Plaza hotel. Marcus Alvers delivered the device and detonated it, infecting over 800 people, but he was apprehended by Michelle Dessler inside the building.