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Salazar Cell
Cell Leader Hector Salazar
Ramon Salazar
averted / succeeded
Free Ramon Salazar from prison
Buy a weaponized virus
Steal the weaponized virus
Cell Kills 20+
Estimated Size 20+
Known Cell Members Hector Salazar
Ramon Salazar
Gael Ortega (undercover)
Jack Bauer (double agent)
Cell Status Hector Salazar (executed)
Ramon Salazar (killed)

The Salazar Cell is a cell set up by Hector Salazar to free his brother Ramon from a California federal prison, and then to acquire a weaponized virus and sell it to the highest bidder.


Hector Salazar planned to have his brother Ramon freed form prison by threatening to have a weaponized virus released in Los Angeles.

Once Ramon was freed, Hector and Ramone planned to buy the virus and sell it to the highest bidder.

After the bid failed, Jack Bauer convinced the Salazars to let him stay alive and help them steal it.


A small sample of the virus was provided to Hector Salazar, which was tested on approximately 20 villagers and one low-level American drug dealer. The drug dealer's infected body was dropped off at a center for disease control, and a warning message was sent to the FBI with the demand to release Ramon Salazar from prison.

Kyle Singer, an American youth who needed cash was used as a decoy fo the Salazars. He was given a package of harmless powder that he thought was cocaine to deliver to a dealer in Los Angeles. Singer was used to divert attention and let Jack Bauer assist in Ramon's escape while seeming to be acting in the interest of national security.

Jack Bauer and Ramon Salazar escaped the prison by helicopter and took a private Jet to Salazar's ranch in Mexico, where Hector revealed the other part of the plan to Ramon - they didn't have the virus, but they were going to buy it with Jack's help.

The seller, Michael Amadour unpleasently surprised them by revealing the existence of a second bidder - Nina Myers. She outbid the Salazars. They were about to execute Jack when he convinced them he could steal the virus back for them by forcing Nina to turn the virus over to them. Hector got nervous and wnated out, so Ramon executed his brother. As soon as the trade took place, American special forces teams swarmed the area. Ramon escaped with what he thought was the virus, but it was actually a bomb. He was killed in the explosion.