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Maclennan-Forrester Cell
Cell Leader Gene MacLennan
averted / succeeded
Destroy incriminating Maclennan-Forrester computer files
Assassinate Jack Bauer and Paul Raines
Cell Kills 2
Estimated Size 15
Known Cell Members Gene MacLennan
John Reiss
Dave Conlon
Cell Status Gene MacLennan (unknown)
John Reiss(unknown)
Dave Conlon (killed)

The MacLennan-Forrester Cell was hastily set up by Gene MacLennan, John Reiss, and Dave Conlon to cover-up their criminal negligence in hiring Habib Marwan without doing proper security checks.


The first objective was to destroy any incriminating files on the system.

When Jack Bauer and Paul Raines escaped with some information, the next objective was to hunt them down and kill them.


The initial coverup was to merely delete the files, but Paul Raines was able to use his skills to recover a deleted file.

At that point, Gene MacLennan authorized the use of a prototype EMP bomb. The bomb was charged up and the protective cage was opened. The charge caused electrical interference in phones and lights, and Jack realized what was happening. He told Paul to print the file while he went to try and stop the EMP. Jack was unsucessful. Conlon tried to get the file from Paul Raiunes, but he ran off and hid the file before being captured. Raines didn't reveal where he hid the file, even under toprture until Jack rescued him. They retreived the file and made their escape on foot.

Conlon called in a group of mercenaries to hunt down and kill Jack Bauer and Paul Raines before they reached the authorities. He lead the group himself