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Kingsley Cell
Cell Leader Peter Kingsley
averted / succeeded
Plant a faked recording in Said Ali's safe house
Prevent the Coral Snake team from stopping the terrorists
Assassinate Said Ali
Assassinate Johnathan Wallace
Assassinate Alex Hewett
Retrieve the evidence Wallace stole
Create a large war in the Middle-East
Cell Kills 8
Estimated Size 10
Known Cell Members Peter Kingsley
Johnathan Wallace
Ronnie Stark
Alex Hewett
Sherry Palmer
Cell Status Peter Kingsley (killed)
Johnathan Wallace (switched sides, killed)
Ronnie Stark (executed)
O'Hara (killed)
Alex Hewett (accidental death)
Sherry Palmer (pardoned)
Mandy (escaped)

The Kingsley Cell was a cell headed by Peter Kingsley. Its goal was to create a large war in the Middle East to increase the value of their Caspian Sea oil holdings.


The first objective was to plant a faked recording indicating that three Middle-Eastern countries conspired with Said Ali to detonate a nuclear device in Los Angeles. The tape was successfully planted by Johnathan Wallace.

The second objective was to prevent Roger Stanton's commando team from stopping the terrorist strike. Since Wallace was a member of the team, this was successful.

When the bomb failed to detonate in Los Angeles, several other people were targeted for assassination, starting with Said Ali, to ensure that his claim that the meeting never occurred couldn't be verified.

Wallace was also targeted for elimination. He attempted to save his life by making a deal with Jack Bauer, but Kingsley's men found them and mortally wounded Wallace.

Wallace had evidence on his person proving the recording was a fake, and Kingsley's men needed to retrieve it.

Alex Hewett was a third target of Kingsley's cell, marked for death because he made the fake Cyprus recording.


Johnathan Wallace planted the faked Cyprus recording in a secret compartment in Said Ali's overseas apartment in April. This evidence implicated the leadership of three middle-eastern companies. Kingsley's cell was counting on government search teams to discover the recording, and use it as evidence to launch a war immediately.

At Norton airfield, Wallace surprised the members of his strike team, killing three before they could react, and the other three before they could return fire.

Wallace assassinated Said Ali to ensure that he couldn't confirm his whereabouts when the recording was made.

Kingsley's men went to Alex Hewett's loft and ransacked it, but couldn't find him. They missed the secret room Alex was hiding in.

Kingsley's men tracked Wallace, thanks to the tracking device on the chip Wallace secreted in his body. He eluded them or eliminated them the first time, but they tracked him down and mortally wounded him. He escaped with Jack Bauer, but died of his wounds. Jack discovered the chip in Wallace's body and Yusef removed the tracking device. Jack gave the chip to Yusef and took the tracker for himself to create a false trail. He was captured by Kingsley's men and tortured by a man called Stark. When Bauer nearly died thanks to Stark's ruthlessness, Kingsley ordered one of his men to execute Stark. Bauer escaped and killed the men torturing him.