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Amadour Cell
Cell Leader Michael Amadour
averted / succeeded
Defraud the buyer of the weaponized virus
Avoid pursuit and capture
Deliver the virus to the Saunders Cell
Release the virus in the Chandler Plaza hotel
Cell Kills 6
Estimated Size 5
Known Cell Members Michael Amadour
Marcus Alvers
Cell Status Michael Amadour (executed)
Marcus Alvers (killed)

The Amadour Cell was set up by Michael Amadour to try and make extra money for himself.



Michael Amador set up an auction between the Salazar Cell and an unknown group represented by Nina Myers.

Amadour avoided capture by stopping at a designated point. Members of his cell waited in ambush for the Denta team and cut them down.

Amadour flew back to Los Angeles and delivered the virus to the Saunders cell. Saunders was angry that Amador risked his operation by going to Mexico, and only paid Amador half of the agreed-on price, with the rest to be paid once Amador's cell infected the Chandler Plaza hotel. Amadour sent Marcus Alvers to perform that task.