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12 Oz. Mouse/Hired

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Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate June 19, 2005
Production Number 2501
Writer(s) Matt Maiellaro
Matt Harrigan

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12 Oz. MouseSeason One

Hired is the first episode of the first season of 12 Oz. Mouse, and the first episode overall. It aired in June and re-aired in October before the series began.

Voices: Adam Reed, Kurt Soccolich, Dave Willis, Nick Weidenfeld, Bonnie Rosmarin, Matt Harrigan, Matt Thompson, Nick Ingkatanuwat, Matt Maiellaro


Plot Overview

Mouse Fitzgerald finds a building with a Help Wanted sign, and gets a job (while drunk) from a shark regarding a rectangular businessman who needs to be driven to Cheese Industries. Instead, Mouse (and Skillet) takes the pink character and asks him to do a porno with a doll. After Mouse blows up the building, he and Skillet rob a bank to buy some beer at Rhoda's bar. Mouse buys 12 beers, attempts to make out with a woman, and eventually runs into a peanut shaped cop who's stoned out of his mind....all the time. Upon spending $64,000, Mouse realizes he and Skillet will need to get jobs to cover up the fact that they rob banks, but first stop at another bar, and spend another $300. On their way out, Mouse gets hit by a few cars and encounters a disfigured man. Upon returning, the shark seems to know everything Mouse did, and gives him another job anyway. Mouse meets up with a gigantic eyeball, who likes to work "eye" into his sentences.


Arc Advancement


  • Clock - Appears in the shark's office.


  • Most of the main characters are introduced in this episode. Including the shark, both bartenders, the woman who can change into a man, the blind cube, the eye, and the stoned peanut cop.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Shark: Are you drunk?
    Mouse: (angrily) .....not drunk enough.