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Season Two
Z Nation
Season Premiere September 11, 2015
Season Finale December 18, 2015
Episode Count 15
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Season Two of Z Nation premiered on September 11, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
14 1 The Murphy Karl Schaefer John Hyams September 11, 2015 943k 0.4%
Everyone tries to escape the impending nuclear blast. Citizen Z battles thawed zombies and issues an air bounty for Murphy.
15 2 White Light John Hyams John Hyams September 18, 2015 882k 0.3%
Heroes battle zombies and overeager bounty hunters. Murphy manages to escape. Vasquez considers working with the group.
16 3 Zombie Road Dan Merchant Dan Merchant September 25, 2015 990k 0.38%
The Heroes encounter a wagon train transporting survivors of the nuclear blast to safety. The Heroes go on a quest for a cure.
17 4 Batch 47 Michael Cassutt Alexander Yellen October 2, 2015 896k 0.35%
While looking for a "natural" cure for the virus, the survivors head to the greenhouse, where Batch 47 is being grown.
18 5 Zombaby! Jennifer Derwingson Rachel Goldenberg October 9, 2015 882k 0.4%
A pregnant Serena tracks down Murphy. The survivors stumble across a hidden Mennonite farm with new dangers.
19 6 Zombie Baby Daddy Craig Engler Abram Cox October 16, 2015 841k 0.32%
While Murphy is falling for his baby girl, the rest of the team is suspicious of her. Vasquez sneaks away for a meeting. 10K makes a difficult decision.
20 7 Down the Mississippi John Hyams John Hyams October 23, 2015 763k 0.3%
While crossing the Mississippi, the team splits up after a boating accident. 10K is drawn into a scam; Escorpion sentences 10K, Sketchy and Skeezy to death.
21 8 The Collector Dan Merchant Dan Merchant October 30, 2015 868k 0.37%
Murphy is captured by an unbalanced zombie fan, who is eager to add him to a zombie museum, so he must match wits to escape.
22 9 Rozwell Craig Engler Jason McKee November 6, 2015 835k 0.3%
The team finds an abandoned Air Force base and discovers what looks like alien technology.
23 10 We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon Eric Bernt Juan A Mas November 13, 2015 665k 0.23%
The team splits up because of a massive zombie horde, and encounters a Native American tribe fighting against itself.
24 11 Corporate Retreat Micho Rutare Jodi Binstock November 20, 2015 767k 0.28%
The team gets embroiled in corporate politics after finding a group of white collar survivors hiding out in a hotel.
25 12 Party With the Zeros (1) Lynelle White Abram Cox November 27, 2015 917k 0.32%
The team meets La Reina, Queen of the Zeros, after being captured; Dr. Kurian is ready for human trials on his Z-vaccine at the Zero compound.
26 13 Adiós, Muchachos (2) Jennifer Derwingson Abram Cox December 4, 2015 969k 0.31%
It's discovered that the Z-vaccine doesn't work; Vasquez gets caught trying to kill Escorpian. Murphy uses mental manipulation to help Warren.
27 14 Day One (1) Michael Cassutt Dan Merchant December 11, 2015 826k 0.28%
The team reaches California and thinks back to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.
28 15 All Good Things Must Come to an End (2) Karl Schaefer &
Daniel Schaefer
John Hyams December 18, 2015 1.102M 0.42%
The team reaches the mobile lab, which turns out to be a submarine. Murphy says goodbye.

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