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You Bet Your Life

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You Bet Your Life
Premiere October 5, 1950
Finale September 21, 1961
Host Groucho Marx
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company NBC
Origin USA

You Bet Your Life was a quiz game show hosted by Groucho Marx that was produced by and aired on NBC. In its last season the name was changed to Tell It To Groucho. Comedy was a big part of the show as well, as Groucho would make comedic comments about the answers of the questions he asked contestants.

At the start of each show, Groucho would introduce the week's "secret word" (displayed by a puppet duck with Groucho eyebrows, moustache and cigar). During contestant interviews, any contestant saying the secret word automatically won $100.

As opposed to live telecasts (later videotape) back then, You Bet Your Life was transcribed entirely on film. It would be syndicated under the title The Best Of Groucho.

Two revivals were attempted. The first with Buddy Hackett aired in 1980; the second, hosted by Bill Cosby, aired in 1992.

NBCUniversal Syndication Studios owns the distribution rights to the non-public domain Groucho Marx episodes of the series, as it was not one of the pre-1973 NBC-produced series which had been sold that year to National Telefilm Associates (whose library is now owned by CBS Media Ventures).