World Leaders Entertainment

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World Leaders Entertainment
Founded 2001
President Nathan Graf
Notable Works The Venture Bros.
Gotham Girls

World Leaders Entertainment is an animation and broadcast design studio in New York City. The studio produces entertainment for the web, commercial advertising, and the television series The Venture Bros. on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Other works include direct-to-DVD productions such as the 1985 music video for the Kidz Bop 9 DVD, and Hopeless Pictures for the Independent Film Channel.

Noodlesoup Productions (2001-2006)

The company was originally founded in 2001 as Noodlesoup Productions by Jeff Nodelman, and at first primarily produced internet animated cartoons. The company animated the Gotham Girls webisodes for Warner Bros. Online during the time of Flash animation flourishing on the Internet. They also produced what they call Flash-o-Matics, which are Flash-based animatics for animated advertisements. In late 2002, Noodlesoup produced and animated the pilot for The Venture Bros., which was picked up in 2003 for 13 episodes. The company continued to produce artwork for the series, but the show was now animated traditionally at Digital eMation, Inc. in Korea. In March 2005, The Venture Bros. was picked up for a second season, and production resumed in late summer. In late 2005, company founder Jeff Nodelman announced that he was leaving the company, and Nathan Graf took over his position as CEO.

World Leaders Entertainment (2006-)

In late winter 2006, Noodlesoup Productions (without the name tie-in to Jeff Nodelman) changed its name to World Leaders Entertainment. The company structure remains unchanged, and the studio remains an animation and broadcast design facility. Rachel Simon now acts as the company's producer for their in-house productions.

Contact Information

159 West 25th St.
New York City, New York 10001

Phone: 212.695.7373
Fax: 212.695.4195