Wipeout (1988)

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Wipeout (1988)
Premiere September 12, 1988
Finale September 8, 1989
Host Peter Tomarken
Network/Provider Syndicated
Style 30-minute game show
Company Dames-Frasier
Paramount Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 255
Origin USA

Wipeout (1988) was a game show that aired in syndication.

Three contestants face a game board of sixteen monitors, each consisting of an item relating to a category (e.g.: Emmy Award winning sitcoms). Eleven monitors possess the correct item, indicated by a "$" sign. The other five have the word "Wipeout" concealed. A player tries to select correct monitors, with $25 scored for the first, $50 for the second, $75 for the third, and so on. A player's turn ends if he/she hits a "Wipeout" (thus losing all scored money) or he/she banks his/her score and passes to the next player down.

The two top scoring players after round one proceed to the next round. This time, twelve monitors are played with eight correct answers and four "Wipeouts." The players wager how many items they can select without wiping out, with the highest called bid required to complete the contract. If he/she hits a "Wipeout," the opponent need only to select one correct window to win the board.

The player winning two boards plays the bonus game for a new car. On a board of twelve monitors in a given category, the player is given 60 seconds to run up and touch the six correct monitors (whose rims light up after being touched), then run back to hit a plunger to see how many are correct. If less than six, he/she runs back to try again until he/she gets six or time runs out.


Person Role Duration
Main Cast
Peter Tomarken Host 1
Jim Hackett Announcer 1
Bob Ridgely Announcer 1
John Harlan Announcer 1


DVD Releases

There has not been a DVD release for this show.