Win Ben Stein's Money

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Win Ben Stein's Money
Premiere July 28, 1997
Finale January 31, 2003
Host Ben Stein
Network/Provider Comedy Central
Style 30-minute comedy game show
Company Valleycrest Productions
Seasons 6
Episodes 715
Origin USA

Win Ben Stein's Money is a comedy game show that aired on Comedy Central. It was hosted by Ben Stein who would host the first half of the show and then become a contestant for the second half. The show featured a total of three co-hosts, Jimmy Kimmel, Nancy Pimental and Sal Iacono.

The first round pits three regular contestants answering general knowledge questions worth $50 to $250 in a series of offbeat categories. Contestants giving a correct answer can earn an additional $50 by correctly answering a follow-up. The money scored by the contestants is subtracted from the $5000 Ben Stein earns per show (a score screen shows the current tally as the show progresses).

The low scorer is eliminated and his/her money score (if any) is put back in Stein's coffers. Stein now becomes a contestant, but only to protect what money he has left. Any answers he may give will not figure in his score (which only shows a "$"). Answers are now worth $100 to $500, and there are no follow-ups.

The winning player competes against Ben in the Best Of Ten Test Of Knowledge. The contestant and Ben sit in soundproof booths (Ben's is lavish, the contestant's is barren) and the contestant had the option of going first or letting Ben go first. Ten questions are asked within 60 seconds. If the contestant answers more than Ben correctly, he/she wins all $5000. If Ben answers more, the contestant still keeps the money scored in the regular game. If the contestant and Ben tie, he/she gets a $1000 bonus in addition to regular game money.

A year earlier, Valleycrest produced Debt, a game show airing on the Lifetime channel.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3 4 5 6
Ben Stein Host * * * * * *
Jimmy Kimmel Co-host * * * *
Nancy Pimental * *
Sal Iacono *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Comedy Central
Season One July 28, 1997 1997 65
Season Two April 15, 1998 1998 130
Season Three 1999 1999 130
Season Four 2000 2000 130
Season Five April 16, 2001 September 28, 2001 130
Season Six March 25, 2002 January 31, 2003 130


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