Wicked City/Season One

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Season One
Wicked City
Season Premiere October 27, 2015
Season Finale November 10, 2015
Episode Count 8 (5 online)
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Season One of Wicked City premiered on October 27, 2015. Four unaired episodes were released online by TVNZ before their Watch ABC and Hulu release on December 22, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Steven Baigelman Tom Shankland October 27, 2015 3.281M 0.9% 101
Detectives Jack Roth and new partner Paco Contreras are assigned to track down a killer who preys on women seeking fame in the City of Angels. Their perp, unbeknownst to them, is Kent Grainger, a tragic soul who craves attention and goes on a murderous rampage to obtain notoriety. Jack and Paco get a break when they stumble upon Karen McClaren, a young, struggling journalist who may have met the killer at a club and could I.D. him - but she may also be his next target. Meanwhile, Kent has found himself a young woman who may be his 'Bonnie' to his twisted 'Clyde' in the form of Betty Beaumontaine, a nurse and single mother of two with a bit of a sadistic twist.
2 2 Running with the Devil Mick Betancourt Jon Cassar November 3, 2015 2.442M 0.7% 102
Jack and Paco get a lead on the serial killer's next possible victim and race against the clock to try and track her down before the killer gets to her; Kent struggles over whether or not to invite Betty to take part in his murderous rampage when it becomes clear that she doesn't trust him and may leave him, and Jack and Paco continue to search for Karen, who has disappeared from the club.
3 3 Should I Stay or Should I Go Melissa Blake James Muro November 10, 2015 1.688M 0.4% 103
Betty struggles with the revelation that Kent is a serial killer when he gives her a copy of the novel "Phantom of the Opera" and asks her if she can love him the way Christine loved the Phantom. Meanwhile, Jack and Paco trace the ownership of the lair and identify the body they found in the floorboards as Vera Bennett, a former librarian. During the investigation at the library where Vera used to work, they run into Karen and Diver, who confess about a letter Kent sent them. Hoping to get additional clues, they are shocked when they uncover a huge surprise on a bookshelf. Later, Dianne points out Jack, and the killer might not be so different after all.
4 4 The Very Thought of You Sarah Byrd J. Miller Tobin December 22, 2015
Jack focuses on a woman from the past who may have been the catalyst for the murderer's current killing spree; Betty decides to go all-in as Kent's partner, and together they troll a club in search of a victim. Karen is offered a job with Rolling Stone, which does not please Diver, a menacing old flame of Betty's reemerges and sets his sights on trying to reignite their troubled past and Dianne finds herself in dire straits when her allegiances are questioned by a powerful drug lord.
5 5 Heat Wave Ashley Gable Jon Amiel December 22, 2015
Betty finally introduces Kent to her kids, but her perfect fantasy soon ends when Jimmy blackmails her. Jack and Paco begin to connect the dots, and Jack misses a direct encounter with Kent but finds new evidence inside a building. Meanwhile, Jack and Dianne navigate their feelings for each other.
6 6 Blizzard of Ozz Sonya Winton &
Jonathan I. Kidd
Allison Liddi-Brown December 22, 2015
Having identified where Kent works, Jack and Paco unleash a full-scale LAPD manhunt for Kent. Kent visits Betty at the hospital to break up with her, and they begin hatching a plan to get the police off their backs. Meanwhile, Karen begins to realize her addiction to the spotlight.
7 7 Destroyer Amy B. Harris Adam Kane December 22, 2015
Jack finally reveals his affair to his wife. The LAPD learn the case is not yet closed as Kent targets Dianne and Jack in order to gather information. Meanwhile, Jack's teen daughter decides to lose her virginity after learning of her father's affair.
8 8 Goodbye Norma Jean Melissa Blake Jon Cassar December 30, 2015
Jack attempts to get a confession out of Kent at the police station. Paco and Wilkinson follow the evidence at hand, which points to another suspect. Karen's budding success as a reporter comes to a tragic end when the team learns she was a beheading victim. Vicki struggles with the knowledge of her father's affair and sneaks out to perform on the Strip, managing to escape Kent's hunting ground. Jack and Paco await evidence that will bring Kent to his end.