Weeds/Crush Girl Love Panic

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Crush Girl Love Panic
Weed 2x06.jpg
Season 2, Episode 6
Airdate September 18, 2006
Written by Devon K. Shepard
Directed by Tucker Gates
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WeedsSeason Two

Crush Girl Love Panic is the sixth episode of the second season of Weeds, and the sixteenth episode overall. Conrad and Nancy try to recover from the close call drug bust the night before, but Conrad realizes that luck might not have been the only thing at play.

Starring: Mary-Louise Parker (Nancy Botwin), Elizabeth Perkins (Celia Hodes), Tonye Patano (Heylia James), Romany Malco (Conrad Shepard), Justin Kirk (Andy Botwin), Hunter Parrish (Silas Botwin), Alexander Gould (Shane Botwin)

And: Kevin Nealon (Doug Wilson)

Guest Stars: Ron Canada (Joseph), Meital Dohan (Yael Hoffman), Allie Grant (Isabelle Hodes), Indigo (Vaneeta), Maulik Pancholy (Sanjay), Eden Sher (Gretchen)

And: Andy Milder (Dean Hodes)

Special Guest Star: Martin Donovan (Peter Scottson)

Co-Stars: John Paul Mitchell (Himself), David Bardeen (Director), Remy Auberjonois (Mr. Albin), Thomas Burr (Salesman), Christine Joaquin (Hostess), Sammy Fine (Benj)


Plot Overview

Nancy and Conrad go to the grow house on the day after the big drug bust. They find Sanjay and Andy in separate closets; Andy urinated on the mother plant during the night. Conrad wonders how four grow houses around them got busted but they weren't touched.

Isabelle starts off her modeling career. Celia gets kicked out of the studio for criticizing the hair and makeup people. Isabelle goes to Doug hoping he will be her accountant. Doug tells her that they need a parent's signature; she picks Dean. Celia finds out and goes to Doug with pictures of him using a bong and blackmails him for changing the signature, but he tells her that it was Isabelle's idea.

Silas won't come out of his room since finding out that Megan got an abortion. He finally comes out after Andy suggests to Nancy that she buy him a car. They go car shopping and talk about Nancy's business. Later he tells her that he's fine with what she does.

Nancy arranges a meeting with Peter and Conrad because Conrad became concerned that he wasn't protected in Nancy and Peter's marital arrangement. Though both are distrustful of the other, Peter says that if they don't expand past the grow house and sell only to the medical marijuana community, they will be left alone.


Arc Advancement


  • Meeting: Conrad finds out about Nancy's marriage to Peter and the two meet. Peter tells him that they will be fine if they don't expand past their grow house and only sell to the medical marijuana community.


  • Shane: Shane joins the debate team to Nancy's surprise. However, he only joined because of a girl. He approaches her one day after school but when he sees his friends watching he kicks her and runs away.
  • Andy: Andy goes to Jewish parties with Yael who continues to flirt with him despiting claiming that she's not attracted to him. She tells him that his skin is soft like the women she has sex with, and Andy takes it as good news. Later the two go to the bedroom and Yael pulls out a strap-on; to use on Andy.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • When Dean says "Kill all the lawyers", he is referring to a line from Shakespeare’s Henry VI - "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." (Act IV, Scene II).

Memorable Moments


  • Celia: Why is it that all you gay men hate women so much?
    Director: Because we have mothers like you.