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Cooking with Jesus
Weeds 2x02.jpg
Season 2, Episode 2
Airdate August 21, 2006
Writer(s) Jenji Kohan
Director(s) Craig Zisk
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Last Tango in Agrestic
WeedsSeason Two

Cooking with Jesus is the second episode of the second season of Weeds, and the twelfth episode overall. Nancy, Doug, and Andy go to a marijuana expo to try and find a plant that they can grow. Meanwhile, Conrad goes to several old friends looking for financing to start his own growing business. Celia hits some bumpy roads in her campaign for city council.

Starring: Mary-Louise Parker (Nancy Botwin), Elizabeth Perkins (Celia Hodes), Tonye Patano (Heylia James), Romany Malco (Conrad Shepard), Justin Kirk (Andy Botwin), Hunter Parrish (Silas Botwin), Alexander Gould (Shane Botwin)

And: Kevin Nealon (Doug Wilson)

Guest Starring: Vincent Laresca (Alejandro), Meital Dohan (Yael Hoffman), Allie Grant (Isabelle Hodes), Indigo (Vaneeta), Page Kennedy (U-Turn), Mark Christopher Lawrence (Mike), Maulik Pancholy (Sanjay), Shoshannah Stern (Megan), Renée Victor (Lupita), Chris Williams (Banker)

And: Andy Milder (Dean Hodes)

Special Guest Star: Martin Donovan (Peter Scottson)

Co-Starring: Craig X. Rubin (Craig X), Tom McCleister (Strain Expert #1), Jono Kohan (Strain Expert #2), Ronald Lee Clark (Strain Expert #3), Marcus Toji (Waiter), Craig Frank (U-Turn's Knife Man)


Plot Overview

Nancy calls Peter and breaks off their relationship, saying that she can't risk losing another partner the way her husband had died. Later, Nancy has a meeting with her marijuana business and says that she, Andy, and Doug will go to a pot expo and find a plant for them to grow, since Conrad had decided to leave. They go to the expo where Andy and Doug both get high, but find a plant they think will work. Andy, who had been having trouble on his Hebrew school admission paper, finds a way to write one in the women's bathroom on paper towel.

Meanwhile, Celia is preparing for her campaign for city council chair. She comes to Nancy's about getting signatures to put her on the ballot, but Nancy has to leave with Doug to go to the marijuana expo. Celia has trouble with her family too, losing her husband and daughter in the picture that is to go on posters. Conrad has his share of troubles too. He goes to an old friend who works for a bank about getting a loan to start his own growing business, but he can't help Conrad due to the nature of the loan. Conrad then goes to another friend who turns him down, and finally a gang member who accepts the offer, but Conrad changes his mind when he sees how violent the acquaintance is.

Fed up, Conrad finally goes back to Nancy who tells him that she has broken off her relationship with Peter completely. She shows him the now dying plant they had bought and explains how badly they need his expertise. After his own experiences, Conrad accepts and rejoins the business. Nancy celebrates with her family when she gets a call from Peter, who is waiting at her house. She goes to his car and explains how she really meant it when she told him that they can not be together. However, that is not the reason he is there; he tells her that he knows she is a drug dealer.


Arc Advancement


  • The Plant: Nancy, Doug, and Andy go to a marijuana expo to find a plant due to Conrad leaving the business. They find one, but don't know how to take care of it so it begins to die. Meanwhile, Conrad attempts to find people to offer him a loan to start his own growing business. Unable to do so, he goes back to Nancy who lets him back into the business.


  • Peter Scottson: Nancy breaks up with Peter at the beginning of the episode because he works for the DEA. However, she tells him that it's because his job is dangerous and she doesn't want to lose another man the way she lost her husband. Later, Peter comes to see Nancy, who assumes that he has come to get her back, but in fact Peter reveals that he knows Nancy is a drug dealer.
  • Megan: Megan tells Silas that she has gotten into Princeton. At first he says that she got into because she is deaf, which angers her. Andy suggests that he move to New Jersey after she leaves, the way that he had lived in Harvard for a few years just hanging out. Silas decides to do this, and tells Megan (and flippantly tells Nancy), but Megan thinks it's a bad idea and breaks up with him.


  • Karate: When Conrad comes back to Nancy's business he refers to what Nancy told him about Peter in Corn Snake; that she and Peter met by chance because her kid bit his kid in Karate class.
  • Insurance: In Corn Snake, Nancy alluded to the idea of burning down the bakery for insurance money as a way to finance their marijuana business. Although the arson wasn't intentional, Sanjay does burn down the bakery and they do get insurance money, enough to start the business.
  • Isabelle Hodes: Isabelle shows up for the photo shoot with her mother, Celia, dressed as a biker. Celia insists that she change, but Isabelle refuses suggesting that she dressed this way because she is a lesbian. In The Godmother, Isabelle kisses her best friend and tells Celia that she is a lesbian. At the time, Celia wrote it off as a way to get out of losing weight.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Celia: No wonder your wife prefers to fuck a pole.
    Doug: My wife's fucking a Polish guy?
    Nancy: I think she's talking about Dana's stripper class, Doug.
    Doug: Ohhh, yeah a pole, yeah, well, I get it now. That's funny, but seriously, I hate you and I hope you get hit by a truck.
  • Doug: When does CPR become necrophilia?