Wagon Train/The Sister Rita Story

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The Sister Rita Story
Season 2, Episode 25
Airdate March 25, 1959
Writer(s) Gerry Day
Director(s) Joseph Pevney
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The Conchita Vasquez Story
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The Matthew Lowry Story
Wagon TrainSeason Two

Guest Star: Vera Miles (Sister Rita)

With: Frances Bavier (Sister Joseph), Sylvia Marriott (Sister Monica), Lalo Rios (Juan), Frank de Kova, Bob Bice, Joe Dominguez


Plot Overview

While resting, Flint is attacked by Ute Indians and sees a priest killed. He finds three nuns with two Mexican men helping them and several Navaho orphans camped nearby being attacked. They are on the way to the St. Joseph Mission to help the Indians. Flint drives off the Indians but one of the two Mexicans is mortally wounded. Once they help the wounded including Flint, Flint leads them toward the wagon train but his sighting of Indians forces him to take a different route to a water hole. The other Mexican leaves them during the night and the group is surrounded by the Utes. Flint notices that one of the orphans is a Ute and tells the Chief during a parley but the Utes want the Navaho orphans who are their enemies. The Utes decide the Ute boy will be sacrificed to kill the others. The boy's mother comes to her son despite the tribe's attempt to stop her. It becomes clear to all that their options have run out. Flint has developed a relationship with the young Sister Rita who has not completed her vows, while the oldest nun, Sister Joseph, decides to take her own actions during the night.