Wagon Train/The Shiloh Degnan Story

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The Shiloh Degnan Story
Season 6, Episode 8
Airdate November 7, 1962
Writer(s) Harold Swanton
Director(s) Virgil W. Vogel
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The Levy-McGowan Story
Wagon TrainSeason Six

Co-Starring: Barry Morse (Jim Fogarty)

Also Starring: Nancy Gates (Louise Marriott), R.G. Armstrong (General Kirby), Peter Whitney (Sgt. Pat Galloway)

With: James Gavin (Guard McClellan), Pitt Herbert (Orderly Hathaway), Jennifer Gillespie (Cissy Parker), Walter Reed (Master Sgt. Connors), Edward Colmans (Chaplain), Russell Johnson (Major Dan Marriott)


Plot Overview

Hale finds a gravely wounded Army officer, whom he knew very well and attended the wedding of. The officer is delirious, but before he dies he says things which if true could seriously tarnish the image of a national hero, Shiloh Degnan. Hale rides into the army camp himself to find the truth of the matter. There he finds another officer who has been court-martialed and refuses to tell the full story even though it could save his Army career.