Wagon Train/The John Darro Story

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The John Darro Story
Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate November 6, 1957
Writer(s) Adrian Spies
Director(s) Mark Stevens
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The Charles Avery Story
Wagon TrainSeason One

Special Guest Star: Eddie Albert (John Darro)

With: Margo (Aline Darro), Edgar Buchanan (the Tramp), Kim Charney (the Son), Don Durant (Lucas), Malcolm Atterbury, Irene Corlett, Norman Leavitt, Ellen Hardies


Plot Overview

The wagon train picks up an old drifter named Briscoe on the trail who claims to have been on a wagon train several years earlier that had been massacred by Indians and abandoned by John Thurmond. John Thurmond is part of the train with his wife and son but under the name John Darro. When Briscoe and Darro meet, Briscoe exposes who Darro is. This leads to the rest of the train wanting to drop him and his family from the train. Then, while Briscoe is on guard duty Indians are suspected of stealing some livestock and taking him captive. While a scouting party is out looking for Briscoe and the livestock, Darro discovers Briscoe had not been taken captive but had gotten drunk and wandered off in the opposite direction that the men from the wagon train had been looking, so he tracks and finds Briscoe. However, Briscoe attracts the Indians and they are captured. McCullough locates the camp and the two men are rescued with Darro having to kill one of the Indians and being the calm one of the captives.