Wagon Train/The Jean LeBec Story

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The Jean LeBec Story
Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate September 25, 1957
Writer(s) Dwight Newton
Director(s) Sidney Lanfield
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The John Cameron Story
Wagon TrainSeason One

Special Guest Star: Ricardo Montalban (Jean LeBec)

With: Joanne Moore (Mary), Grant Withers (Mark Hammond), William Phipps (Bill Hammond), Phil Chambers, Dick Rich, Hannes Lutz, Robert Osterloh, James Griffith, Stuart Randall, David Hoffman, Clegg Hoyt, Ruby Goodwin, William Challee


Plot Overview

Jean LeBec, a gifted violinist, escorts the daughter of a once wealthy southern family to California. When he uses his violin as a stake in a poker game to raise money for the trip, he is accused of cheating and kills a man in self defense.