Wagon Train/The Jarbo Pierce Story

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The Jarbo Pierce Story
Season 8, Episode 26
Airdate May 2, 1965
Writer(s) Calvin Clements
Director(s) William Witney
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Wagon TrainSeason Eight

Guest Stars: Rory Calhoun (Jarbo Pierce), Tom Simcox (Adam Pierce), Lee Philips (Harlan Fortune)

Co-Starring: Angela Dorian (Marie), Arthur Hunnicutt (Deet), Stanley Adams (Samuel)

With: Mort Mills (Grant), Morgan Woodward (Clyde), Bern Hoffman (Marcus), Mickey Finn (Edgar), Lane Bradford (Binnes), Ken Lynch (Freighter), Colette Jackson (Pregnant Woman), Richard Reeves (Trapper), Iron Eyes Cody (Seeba), Edmund Vargas (Tosin), Cordy Clark (Deet's 1st daughter), Bella Bruck (Deet's 2nd daughter), Hal Jon Norman (Medicine Man)


Plot Overview

Charlie thinks back to his younger days in the town of Pierce's Bend, where he was an employee of rugged trading post operator, Jarbo Pierce.