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Wagon Train/The Hobie Redman Story

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The Hobie Redman Story
Season 5, Episode 16
Airdate January 17, 1962
Production Number
Writer(s) Thomas Thompson
Director(s) Virgil W. Vogel
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The Dick Pederson Story
5x17 →
The Malachi Hobart Story
Wagon TrainSeason Five

Guest Star: Lin McCarthy (Hobie Redman)

Also Starring: Arch Johnson (Glen Andrews), Barbara Eiler (Ruth Carlson), Parley Baer (Clyde Montgomery)

With: Amzie Strickland (Agnes Montgomery), Ann Jilliann (Sandra Carlson)


Plot Overview

Duke is sent to guide back three wagons that fell behind from the train. When he finds them, however, he encounters resistance from the three men with them. One refuses to relieve his burden by giving up his possessions. Another man has turned to drink after losing his family on the same trail once before, and the third man does not want to face up to his role in the tragedy.