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Vikings include both Vikings (warriors) of 9th Century Scandinavia, and other characters. The home settlement of the main character, Ragnar Lothbrok, is a Scandinavian (fictive) village named Kattegat, but the series also includes additional norsemen, as well as characters from other European countries.

The list is updated as of The Dead, the 29th episode.


Main characters

Character Actor #
Ragnar Lothbrok Travis Fimmel 29
Rollo Clive Standen 29
Floki Gustaf Skarsgård 29
Lagertha Katheryn Winnick 28
Bjorn Ironside Alexander Ludwig 28
Athelstan George Blagden 25
Siggy Jessalyn Gilsig 24
Aslaug Alyssa Sutherland 20
King Ecbert Linus Roache 16
King Horik Donal Logue 12
Earl Kalf Ben Robson 9
Earl Haraldson Gabriel Byrne 6
King Charles Lothaire Bluteau 4
Harbard Kevin Durand 3

Kattegat villagers

Character Actor #
Helga Maude Hirst 22
Torstein Jefferson Hall 20
The Seer John Kavanagh 16
Hvitserk Cathál O'Hallin 14
Ubbe Cormac Melia 14
Thorunn Gaia Weiss 13
Gyda Ruby O'Leary 9
Arne Tadhg Murphy 8
Leif Diarmaid Murtagh 6
Svein David Pearse 6
Thyri Elinor Crawley 6
Elisef Carrie Crowley 5
Erik Vladimir Kulich 3
Kauko Jouko Ahola 3
Knut Tjodolf Eric Higgins 3
The Law Giver Morgan C. Jones 3
Olafur Eddie Elks 2
Thorvard Richard Ashton 2
Tostig Angus MacInnes 2
The Sorceress Barbara Griffin 2

Additional norsemen

Character Actor #
Erlendur Edvin Endre 14
Torvi Georgia Hirst 9
Jarl Borg Thorbjørn Harr 8
Einar Steve Wall 6
Earl Siegfried Greg Orvis 4
Sinric Frankie McCafferty 4
Earl Sigvard Morten Suurballe 3
Earl Bjarni Trevor Cooper 2


Character Actor #
Aethelwulf Moe Dunford 15
Bishop Edmund Philip O'Sullivan 11
Judith Jennie Jacques 11
Queen Kwenthrith Amy Bailey 7
King Aelle Ivan Kaye 6
Burgred Aaron Monaghan 4
Lord Edgar Peter Gaynor 3
Unnamed Saxon Lochlann Ó Mearáin 3
Unnamed Saxon Connor Ryan 3
Brother Cenwulf Will Irvine 2
Ealswith Cathy White 2
Edwin Sam Smith 2
Ealdorman Werferth Duncan Lacroix 2
Wigea Jonathon Kemp 2
Unnamed Saxon Muiris Crowley 2
Unnamed Saxon Sam Doyle 2
Unnamed Saxon Marty Maguire 2
Unnamed Saxon Ciaran McGlynn 2

West Francians

Character Actor #
Princess Gisela Morgane Polanski 4
Count Odo Owen Roe 4
Roland Huw Parmenter 4
The Archbishop Laurence Foster 4
Therese Karen Hassan 3
Louis Mark Huberman 2


Character Actor #
Jesus Carl Shaaban 2
Odin Eddie Drew 2