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Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate August 21, 2006
Production Number 101
Written by Josh Berman
Directed by Mimi Leder
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The Tunnel
VanishedSeason One

Pilot is the first episode of the first season of Vanished.

Guest Stars: Joseph C. Phillips (J. T. Mason), Josh Hopkins (Peter Manning), Don McManus (Farther Moyer), Carlos Gomez (Kyle Torres), Michael Harney (Robert Rubia), Richard Gant (Police Chief), Randy Oglesby (Mr. Jerome), Robin Pearson Rose (Mrs. Jerome)

Co-Stars: Rick Cramer (Kidnapper), Tom Choi (AV Tech), Patrick Brown (Junior Agent), Alex Craig Mann (Joe Manning), Brandon Quinn (Concierge Valera), Trip Henningson (Nathan Miller), London Freeman (Student), Deena Dill (Nancy), Jenna Morse (Mrs. Javit)


Plot Overview

Sara Collins, wife of a U.S. senator, receives a call that disturbs her. She tells her husband that she needs to talk to him, but is interrupted by assistants who inform them of their benefit dinner. At the party, Sara leaves to take a phone call and never returns.

Kelton is an FBI agent who six months ago was involved in a case in which a young boy was murdered during the negotiation. He is called about the Sara Collins case and immediately wants involvement. Judy Nash is a reporter who has dealt with Kelton in the past. Marcy Collins, the senator's daughter, is believed to possibly be missing as well. They find her at the home of her boyfriend, Ben Wilson, whom Judy Nash takes the opportunity to get information from. Marcy later discovers that Ben has a bag of cash and a bloody pullover.

Meanwhile the FBI finds that the senator's ex-wife has been in contact with Sara Collins. The senator claims that the two had never met. Kelton and his team follow a lead to an abandoned country house where they find the wife of a mayor dead, apparently for more than ten years, her body frozen. She is found with a Tarot card bearing the name of the boy murdered in Kelton's other case and the number 929. The plot apparently goes even deeper, as a man in a bar recognizes Sara on the news and claims that he knew her, and proposed to her, under a different name.


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