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Season One
United States of Al
Season Premiere April 1, 2021
Season Finale June 24, 2021
Episode Count 13





Season Two

Season One of United States of Al premiered on April 1, 2021.


# # Title Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Mark Cendrowski April 1, 2021 5.309M 0.58% T11.10132
Marine veteran Riley, home at last after serving in Afghanistan, is happily reunited with his friend Awalmir, who goes by Al, the interpreter with his unit, after a long struggle to get him a visa to travel to the United States from Afghanistan.
2 2 Repair/Tarmim Nikki Lorre April 8, 2021 5.378M 0.64% T12.16903
Al uses his skills as a translator to try and repair the tense relationship between Riley and his estranged wife, Vanessa. Also, Lizzie is heartbroken when she is at a party and loses her late fiancé's dog tags.
3 3 Shorts/Neykar Mark Cendrowski April 15, 2021 5.448M 0.56% T12.16902
Al becomes flustered when he goes to the DMV to take his driver's license test and the female instructor is wearing shorts, something he is unaccustomed to seeing.
4 4 Spinach/Sabzi Nikki Lorre April 22, 2021 5.37M 0.59% T12.16904
Al is exasperated by Riley's parenting style with Hazel, so he attempts to teach Hazel to be more deferential to her elders. Also, Riley contemplates taking over the family business for his father, Art.
5 5 Homesick/Deghyat Nikki Lorre April 29, 2021 5.254M 0.47% T12.16905
Riley, Art and Vanessa attempt to help Al feel better when he becomes homesick for his family and traditions.
6 6 Fundraiser/Baspana Towlawal Nikki Lorre May 6, 2021 4.795M 0.45% T12.16906
Art asks Riley and Al to make speeches at a fundraiser for interpreters that are waiting for visas, and Riley has a hard time accepting the attention. Also, Riley comes face-to-face with Vanessa's new boyfriend.
7 7 Car/Motar Nikki Lorre May 13, 2021 5.234M 0.57% T12.16907
After Al and Riley negotiate a deal for Al's new car, they learn the hard way that they are not adept at finances and contracts.
8 8 Roht/Sweet Bread Mark Cendrowski May 20, 2021 4.046M 0.47% T12.16910
Al meets Ariana, an Afghan woman he wants to date, but is dismayed to learn she has a negative opinion of Afghan interpreters who worked for the U.S.
9 9 Birthday/Kaleeza Mark Cendrowski May 27, 2021 4.061M 0.43% T12.16909
When Hazel starts planning her 11th birthday party, she learns that Al doesn't know when his birthday is so she invites him to share the day with her. Also, Riley tries to find a way to deal with Vanessa’s new boyfriend.
10 10 Matchmaker/Roybar Nikki Lorre June 3, 2021 3.951M 0.48% T12.16908
Al and Riley get the sense that Art might be lonely and missing his late wife so they play matchmaker for him.
11 11 Blackout/Parchawi Nikki Lorre June 10, 2021 3.916M 0.46% T12.16911
Al fears the worst when he doesn't hear from his family in Afghanistan for a few days. Also, Riley realizes how hard it must have been for his own family while he was deployed.
12 12 Dog/Spai Mark Cendrowski June 17, 2021 4.051M 0.43% T12.16912
Riley and Hazel bring home a lost dog with the hope of keeping him, which doesn't sit well with Al. Also, Art goes on his first date with Lois.
13 13 Help/Komak Mark Cendrowski June 24, 2021 3.833M 0.4% T12.16913
Al and Vanessa team up to convince Riley to accept the help and benefits he earned for his military service so he can be in good health and embrace the next chapter in his life with his family.

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