UFOs in the Bible

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UFOs in the Bible
UFOs in the Bible.jpg
Airdate January 28, 2004
Written by Gabriel Vandervort
Directed by
Network The History Channel
Style 60 minute paranormal documentary
Company Weller/Grossman Productions

Origin USA

UFOs in the Bible was a special about possible paranormal explanations for events that occurred in the bible. Beliefs in UFOs and extraterrestrial has caused some biblical scholars to reassess the stories in the bible. The success of the special played a large role in the creation of the UFO themed documentary series UFO Files.

Narrator: Burton Richardson

Re-Enactors: Radha Alwa, David Baisley, David Blue, Mike Bridges, Bryan Bukowski, Michael Coleman, Ralph Colfax, Rhiannon Cowles, Reidar Doan, Dennis Dotson, Brian Frank, Ben Graney, Jim Herron, Justin Humphries, Ryan Izay, Jon Justus, Kai Koffer, Dan Means, Pam Monroe, Rhett Nadolny, Louis Olivos Jr., Bruce Pizani, Amy Procacci, Najeeb Rassie, Ann Ross, Jess Santucci, Anthony Sergo, John Sharkey, Christopher Slevin, Dave Stann, Matt Stevens, Alex Tyse, Cameron Zeidler

Interviewees: Dr. Barry Downing, Patrick Cooke, Christopher Montgomery, James Gilliland, Guy Malone, Dr. Hugh Ross, James Underdown, Carole Fontaine



Some modern biblical scholars are beginning to take a new look at the stories in the bible and see if there are possible extraterrestrial explanations. The prophet Elijah was walking down the Jordan River when a chariot of fire appeared. Some believe that this could be mistaken for a UFO. Moses, too, might have been guided by alien protectors during the exodus. When the Red Sea was parted during the exodus, some biblical scholars think that it was in fact a UFO using its engines to spread the waters apart.

Angels could be extraterrestrial beings. Peter was helped to escap from jail by angels who came through the wall. This is similar to UFO visitation stories of today. Abraham too ran into angels who told him that his wife would become pregnant; this might be comparable to supposed alien telepathy. But most troubling of all is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. One theorist speculated that it was in fact destroyed by a UFO using nuclear technology. Nevertheless, if belief in UFOs become more popular, it is likely to change the way stories in the bible are perceived.


  • Guy Malone, who was interviewed for the special, has a website set up about his appearance. Viewable here, he claims to have been misrepresented by the episode and provides what he claims to be the full answers to questions that he was asked.