UFO Files/The Pacific Bermuda Triangle

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The Pacific Bermuda Triangle
UFO Files - The Pacific Bermuda Triangle.jpg
Season 3 Episode 11
Airdate September 4, 2006
Written by Jon Alon Walz,
David Pavoni
Directed by Jon Alon Walz
Produced by Jon Alon Walz,
Jeff Tober,
David Pavoni
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UFO FilesSeason Three

The Pacific Bermuda Triangle is the eleventh episode of the third season of UFO Files. Just south of Japan in the Philippine Sea is an area known as the "Dragon's Triangle". Here, like the Bermuda Triangle of the South Atlantic, strange incidents are often reported. Explanations abound, from underwater volcanoes, strange winds, to UFOs.

Narrator: Stanley Bernard

Interviewees: Joseph Nagy, Bill Birnes, Kenichi Tsusaka, Loren Coleman, Joyo Osaka, Fred G. Notehelfer, Junichiro Kato, Masanobu Miyoshi, Vladimir Ajaja, Carl Feindt, Junichiro Nirasawa, Dr. Kazuo Tanaka, Hiroshi Tomita, Ryutaro Minikami, James Murakami, Steven M. Greer, Lt. Cmdr. Edward Aruffo, Joann Stock, Rachel Harmon, Doug Wilson, Ken MacDonald, Tetsuo Osaki, Takuji Waseda, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Junichi Yaoi



In the Philippine Sea off the coast of Japan there is a triangle that is often compared to the Bermuda Triangle of the South Atlantic sea. The triangle is made up of the points of Japan, just south of Tokyo, Guam, and the Mariana Islands. Here many ships and planes have gone missing, and reports of UFOs are quite common. Strangely, the Dragon's triangle is on the same latitude as the Bermunda triangle. Charles Berlitz first shined light to the phenomenon when he wrote The Dragon's Triangle in the 1970s.

The events in the Philippine Sea are numerous. Amelia Earhart disappeared after leaving Guam in 1937. Ghost ships, ships which are found without crew or passengers, are often found here. Some ufologists theorize that USO, unidentified submerged objects, take the crew. The Kaio Maru 5 ship in 1952 disappeared without any distress call. With it disappeared 22 crew members and 9 scientists. In 1981 the Taki Kyoto Maru freighter reported seeing a USO come out of the water, circle the ship, and then return back into the water. After it had left, the crew checked and saw that their clocks were off by 15 minutes. Matthew C. Perry, the man often credited for opening up Japan to the west, claimed to see a meteor fall from the sky and circle his ship. The meteor was a blue sphere with a red tail.

Scientists have found ways to explain many of the sightings in the region. Underwater volcanoes are numerous in the area, and underwater volcanoes close to the Mariana Islands have been active as recent as 2003. Gases, especially gas bubbles, are released from these volcanoes and can damage or even destroy ships. Material that is shot out of the volcanoes can fly up miles in the sky and get caught into planes, causing them to crash. In addition there is the infamous "triangle waves" formed when waves cross each other. These are known to cause ships to roll.





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