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Total Drama Island
Actor Peter Oldring
First Appearance 1x01 - Not So Happy Campers (1)
Series Billing Main cast
Episode Count 7 (Total Drama Island)
2 (Total Drama World Tour)
Total: 9
Notable Episodes Haute Camp-ture

Ezekiel is a character on Total Drama Island, voiced by Peter Oldring.


Basic Information

Ezekiel is a member of Team Victory on Total Drama World Tour, the third season of TDI. He first appeared as a member of the Killer Bass team in the show's first season. As seen from his appearance and personality in his first appearance on the show, he personifies the "hoser" Canadian stereotype first made famous by SCTV characters Bob and Doug Mackenzie (and later adopted by current TDI character Shawn). He lives on a farm and has been homeschooled his whole life because his parents fear the dangers of public schools.

Ezekiel also has antiquated, sexist views regarding women, an attitude which earned him the dubious distinction of being the first camper to be voted off of TDI when every female member of the Bass, particularly Bridgette and Eva, took exception to his comments after the Bass lost the show's first challenge (he claimed that guys were stronger, better at sports and smarter than girls were).

Ezekiel later appeared at the Playa de Losers luxury resort, where he has undergone a radical change in appearance and personality. Instead of the green snow hat, green jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, blue pants, and brown shoes he first wore, he now sports a hip-hop-inspired outfit of a swimsuit, a gold necklace with a "Z" hanging at the end, and sunglasses, and he speaks in hip-hop lingo instead of using "eh?" at the end of his comments as he once did. He attempts to put the moves on Bridgette at the poolside hot tub, but she easily fends him off. He returns with the other eliminated campers for the final challenge between Gwen and Owen, and he takes part at the post-show party in the chase for the $1,000,000 briefcase, but he does not finish as part of the 14-way tie that sends those 14 players on to Season Two.

Ezekiel does not appear in the main competition of the second season, which is known as Total Drama Action, but he does appear in a show-within-a-show talk-show segment called TDA Aftermath, which focuses on the eliminated players who did not qualify for TDA, as well as those eliminated during the course of the show. He qualifies as a contestant for TDWT during the Celebrity Manhunt TDA special, and he joins Team Victory in the season premiere. Unfortunately in "Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2", he was the first to be eliminated off his team due to him ruining their first song by getting the scarabs to attack and causing him to lose their stick by feeding it to an alligator during their Nile River challenge. After being pushed off the plane, Ezekiel can be still seen hanging on to one of the plane's wings, claiming that the show will still be his as he refuses to accept his elimination.

Character History